David Bentley Underwear: Boxers and Briefs for Tottenham Hotspur Midfielder

David Bentley Shirtless Football Hunk is Now a Businessman. Whatever happened to our imaginary boyfriend David Bentley? Like, why is he no longer playing football? Apparently, our footballer fell out of love with the game and retired in 2014 when he was only 29 years old.

Here’s what he said back then explaining his decision to retire (via The Guardian): “I’ve given up football. I’ve taken the decision to take my life in a different direction. I’ve just had little baby twins, three months old, and I’ve got a little four-year-old and I want to focus on that. My love for the game went a little bit and I didn’t want to carry on just for the fact of paying me money.”

david bentley businessman - co-owner of la sala group of restaurants

david bentley la sala restaurant owner

He adds: “It’s not really ever been an option for me to do that. I’m involved in a restaurant in Spain and we’re bringing it to the UK, so there is a lot of work there. I enjoyed every minute of it and had a smile on my face every day but I don’t want to carry on taking my family to a place we really don’t want to be. Life’s too short to do that.”

Good for him for making family his priority, no? But what is he doing these days eight years after retirement? Apparently, he co-owns a chain of restaurants called the La Sala Group which operates in Spain and Gibraltar.

Additionally, Bentley’s other business ventures include being a co-owner of the the GFF Bentley & Howell Bespoke Flooring which, according to the Bishop’s Stortford Independent, “supplies and installs high-quality flooring products to residential and commercial customers, offering an extensive range of wood floors, vinyl and carpets”.

david bentley bespoke flooring businessman

Gotta give props to the former footballer for his entrepreneurial spirit, no?

In a recent essay for The Athletic, David reveals that he’s happy with his decision to retire early: The age I’m at, I could still be a footballer but I couldn’t imagine still playing now. I haven’t played for seven years and have done so much. I lived in Spain with the family for three years, I’ve built businesses. I’ve had such a great time, being with my children every day.”

In 2018 story on the Daily Mirror, the former winger advised young footballers to fix their financial affairs while they have money: “It’s because of the lack of knowledge they have of managing money. I say to people that the years before I turned professional were my university years – all players are focused on then is making it as a footballer. So the money they earn when they’re playing has to last until they are 80-odd and a lot of players don’t think about that. They’re spending more than they should be spending given how their wages average out over the course of their lifetimes. They have to be managed properly and they have to take a personal view on it and keep control of their spending.”

If that ain’t a very solid advise, we don’t know what is!!! He adds: “Players are mismanaged and they don’t have the large amounts of money ­people think they have. When you’re looking at global wealth, footballers are well down the list. They only have a 10-year period to earn their money and it’s something I’d like to help players out with because a lot of the time they are being misrepresented.”

Let’s end this update with a photo of David and his better half, Kimberley Mills. They’ve been significant others for a long time and got married in June 2019. The couple have four children.

david bentley wife kimberly mills

Oh wait, we almost forgot to include our favorite non-underwear photo of our imaginary beau!

david bentley hot football kit

David Bentley Shirtless and Underwear Photos (21 May 2011). Looking for more underwear and shirtless photos of David Bentley, are you? Well, we got more of them. Here’s a very smooth David shirtless on the pitch. Is he naturally hairless or does he shave or body wax his upper body?

Visible briefs line in his transparent white football shorts.

Is that a bulge in David Bentley’s football pants? We won’t be surprised if this image is actually digitally enhanced. A penny for your thoughts on the fakeness or realness of this picture?

An under-dressed David, wearing only a pair of black briefs, celebrates a football victory with his teammates.

Our favorite shirtless underwear photo of David Bentley. Not surprisingly, he loves him his Calvin Klein underwear.

That’s it for now, BentleyWatchers. Hope you enjoyed the update.

David Bentley Underwear: Boxers and Briefs for Tottenham Hotspur Midfielder (21 August 2009). Tottenham Hotspur star David Bentley in his white boxer briefs underwear from back in the days when he was regarded as the next David Beckham aka The King of Football and Male Underwear Ads. That hasn’t happened yet but, who knows, it just might still happen.

david bentley underwear ck

And here’s a picture we found in the interwebs of a hunky guy named David Bentley wearing a teeny weeny sexy bikini. We think they’re two different people but we’re including the pic because it will make this post more interesting. Hehe.

David Bentley Arrested for Drunk Driving (13 August 2009). Tottenham footballer David Bentley, once considered as the heir apparent to David Beckham, has been arrested and charged for drunk driving.

david bentley football

He will appear in court on August 28 to answer the charges. Meantime, here’s his apology for his careless conduct: “I should like to apologize to my club and the supporters for my actions which led to my car accident last night and my subsequent charge. It was wholly unacceptable, and I fully appreciate that as a professional footballer I have a duty to behave in a reputable and responsible manner.”

He adds: “I am thankful that nobody was injured in the accident. This has been a wake-up call for me both personally and professionally.”

Okay David, you’re forgiven since this is your first offense. The next time you go drunk-driving and someone got hurt, your ass should be hauled to jail where they might make you dress like Rio Ferdinand.

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