David Beckham Shoes Collection: Adidas Rod Laver, Torsion RVI, Alife Chuck Naval Leather

David Beckham Shoes Collection: Adidas Rod Laver, Torsion RVI, Alife Chuck Naval Leather. What to movie-superhero Chris Pine and football stud David Beckham have in common? Both of them wear Adidas Rod Laver Sneakers for men. That’s David carrying his brood in his Adidas shoes.

david beckham shoes adidas rod laver

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david beckham shoes adidas


Adidas Torsion RVI Shoes: David Beckham Shoes (posted 29 September 2010). Footballer David Beckham wears an Adidas Torsion RVI shoes during an outing with his family.

david beckham shoes adidas torsion rvi

Details of the Adidas Torsion below:

david beckham shoes by adidas

An amped-up, hot-and-heavy remix of the old-school ZX8000, the adidas MEGA TORSION RVI steps out with a chunky midsole and an ultra-lightweight tech-mesh upper. But the real jaw-dropper is the exaggerated TORSION® Bar that runs from the ball of the foot to the heel for more comfort and bounce.

* Technical mesh and synthetic upper for light weight and great looks
* Textile lining for comfort
* Molded sockliner for comfort
* TORSION® provides adaptive midfoot support

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David Beckham Shoes: Alife Men’s Chuck Naval Leather Sneakers (posted 30 November 2010). Since we are all about David Beckham and his shoes today, here’s David like a street thug wearing an Alife Men’s Chuck Naval Leather Sneakers. What? Did we just say David Beckham, a very famous footballer, is a thug? No we didn’t! But, with his dark glasses, arm tattoos, trucker hat and slightly tucked shirt, he kinda looks like a thug, doesn’t he?

david beckham shoes alife mens chuck naval sneaker

Anyhoo, let’s take a closer look at the Alife Men’s Chuck Naval Leather Sneakers. It’s looking neat and sexy to be sure.

david beckham shoes alife sneakers

Now, before you go and buy yourself a pair of Alife Chuck Naval Leather Shoes like the one our English footballer is wearing, here are some things you should know about it:

  • It’s made of leather (Duh, of course. After all, its not called Alife Chuck Naval Leather for nothing). It’s got two eyelet lacing.
  • It’s sole is made of vulcanized rubber (Okay, no surprise there).
  • Just because the design is described as “urban-cool” doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in non-urban areas. But it may not be the right thing to wear when you go working on a farm (Duh, no surprise there too. We should wear workboots on a farm.)
  • Aside from David Beckham, other celebrities who love them their Alife Chuck Naval includes John Mayer. Okay, we’re just speculating here but the singer supposedly joined some ALIFE sessions where folks make beautiful music together so its not unlikely that he owns this kind of shoes. Hehe.

David Beckham Shoes Collection: Adidas Rod Laver, Torsion RVI, Alife Chuck Naval Leather. Posted 27 September 2010. Updated 26 May 2017.