David Beckham Gay Proof: Evidence That Becks is a Friend of Dorothy

David Beckham Gay Proof? People these days are, apparently, still wondering whether David Beckham is gay or not. Of course, the majority of us we here at Famewatcher (yours truly, Kevin, and Suzie ) know that The Becks is straight. After all, he is very much married to Victoria Beckham! If his marriage to Posh Spice won’t convince anyone that the football icon is straight, then nothing will.

Anyhoo, in contrast to the Famewatcher majority, Grandma Akita and Deena are of the view that Becks is a friend of Dorothy. We challenge them to come up with any proof to back their view. They sent us these images.

What do you think of Akita and Deena’s David Beckham gay proof? Are they on to something? Or should they focus their creative energies to something more productive. You know, something that benefits the world. But let’s check out what they sent us, shall we.

David Beckham Gay Proof: Five Evidence, Part I
by Deena and Akita

David Beckham is gay because: He Likes to Kiss Boys. And he’s shameless about it too because he’s man-kissin’ in very public places.

8david beckham gay proof - loves kissing men sergio ramos, rio ferdinand, luis figo

He Likes to Play With Balls. And he does not discriminate because he likes all kinds of balls be they small, tiny, big, large, curvy, circular, fuzzy, or smooth.

2david beckham gay proof - loves to play with balls4

He Loves to S*ck his thumb and other things. Didn’t Freud say that if you are thumb-sucking is a substitute for something-else?

5david beckham gay evidence - thumb sucker3

He Likes to Wear V-Neck Shirts. According to the learned opinion of the Malaysian Education Ministry, wearing V-Necks and tight-fitting shirts is 100% proof that a man is gay.

6david beckham gay proof - v neck shirt and sweaters

He “Underwear Plays” With Other Guys. A straight guy will never, ever, ever do what Beckham is doing in these images below. Does your husband prance and dance around in his underwear with other men? No, because he is straight! Beckham, on the other hand, is obviously something else.

3david beckham gay proof - plays with guys in underwear4

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. We will post the second installment of Akita and Deena’s Proof in the coming days. We must state that we are not sure whether these two are being serious or joking.

David Beckham Gay Proof: Evidence That Becks is a Friend of Dorothy. First posted 28 August 2016. Last updated: August 19, 2023 at 16:55 pm.