Darron Lee Girlfriend, Parents, Salary, Jets Contract, and Shirtless Photo

Darron Lee Girlfriend, Parents, Jets Contract, and Other Stuff. Famewatchers, meet Darron Lee aka the next big star linebacker for the NFL. Darron is a rookie with the New York Jets and, so far, observers are impressed with his gameplay. [Want more NFL rookies? Go check out our post on Carson Wentz.]

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For instance, here’s what jetpress.com is saying about him:

Lee’s speed, high football IQ, and ability to read offenses has truly made him into a force to reckon with. Despite their loss in Week 12, Lee was one of the top defensive stars for the Jets against the New England Patriots. Not only did he have a team-high 11 tackles on Sunday against the New England Patriots but was calling defensive plays illustrating the kind of leadership the Jets knew he’d bring to the table.

And here’s one from CBS Sports:

Lee is very quick off the snap, equally adept at dropping into coverage as playing against the run and remains one of the surer tacklers in his draft class. The Jets had enough faith in the rookie to allow him to run the defense on the game’s final possession in what seemed to be an audition for a role they expect him to play in the future.

Now, we know some of you are more interested in whether Darron is single or not so here are pics of him and a girl we grabbed from Instagram (follow him @themanimal_). We are not sure if this is the lucky Darron Lee girlfriend but looks like it, no?

darron lee girlfriend or not - wife fiancee

We do not know the girl’s name and we cannot say for a fact that she is indeed the Darron Lee girlfriend.

darron lee girlfriend

Darron Lee Parents: Who is His Mom and Dad? We cannot find anything about Darron’s father but his mom, Candice Lee, is famous in her own right. She is a TV news anchor but decided to retire so she can be her son’s manager. Here’s Candice interviewing her son.

darron lee parents - mother candice lee

Mother and son walk the red carpet on draft day.

darron lee mother and manager candice lee

Darron Lee Salary and NY Jets Contract. So how rich is Darron Lee? What’s his net worth? How much salary is he receiving as a Jets football star? Spotrac.com has the details:

Darron Lee signed a 4 year, $10,221,648 contract with the New York Jets, including a $5,633,926 signing bonus, $7,927,787 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $2,555,412. In 2016, Lee will earn a base salary of $450,000 and a signing bonus of $5,633,926. Lee has a cap hit of $1,858,481 while his dead money value is $3,702,342.

Expect his net worth to rise as he grows with the NFL. Let us end this post with a Darron Lee shirtless pic, shall we?

darron lee shirtless

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