Darren Criss Shirtless, Wedding, Awards

Darren Criss Shirtless, Wedding, Awards. We should have made this update when Darren got married or when he was winning awards but it’s better late than never, no? First, about him getting married! He tied the knot last February 2019 with long-time girlfriend Mia Swier. Here’s a photo from their wedding.

darren criss wedding wife mia swier

Last month, the couple revealed that they are on the family way and that they are expecting their first child this coming spring. Yay, for Darren and Mia! Now, next in our update is that Darren won three major awards for his role as Andrew Cunanan (which we blogged about below). First, here’s Darren receiving his Emmy Award for best actor:

darren criss awards - best actor emmy

And here’s Darren with his acting trophy from the Screen Actors’ Guild.

darren criss awards sag best actor

He also won a Golden Globe trophy but the Globes has gone down in our reputational ranking so we are not gonna upload a photo of him with his Globes trophy. Hehe. Anyhoo, who would have thought that the college kid who was uploading Harry Potter musicals on YouTube would turn out to be a legit multi-awarded Hollywood actor, no? We are so happy for him!

Darren Criss Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We posted the next pic somewhere else in this site but we are adding it here because…. well, why not? He is performing on Broadway for the show Hedwig and the Angry Inch. He didn’t earn any trophy from his stage performances but don’t be surprised if he brings home a Tony some day.

darren criss underwear leather - in hedwig

Finally, here’s a shirtless Darren because we know you are thirsty hoes!

darren criss shirtless body

Darren Criss Shirtless Update (6 December 2017). We are updating this post to bring you more photos of our Darren without his shirt. We still can see some chest hair but they are no longer as prominent as the previous photos we uploaded in our earlier post.

darren criss washboard abs

darren criss shirtless abs

A shirtless Darren wearing nothing but a loincloth from an episode of Glee. Remember that show?

darren criss loincloth - glee underwear

For those of you who are thirsty for some Darren Criss underwear photos. Apparently, he likes him his boxer shorts.

darren criss underwear boxer shorts

Oh Darren, you’re so fine!

darren criss underwear

Darren Criss Speedo – Andrew Cunanan in Versace Movie (7 May 2017). Today in Actors in Speedos, we bring you our imaginary Glee boyfriend Darren Criss as he takes a shower in his red itty bitty Speedo.

darren criss andrew cunanan speedo

Darren is playing the role of Andrew Cunanan in the TV series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

More about Darren’s casting as Andrew Cunanan from the Hollywood Reporter: “The casting brings Criss back into the Murphy fold following a brief gig on American Horror Story and his breakout role as Blaine on Fox’s megahit Glee. Most recently, he has a role in The CW’s Supergirl/Flash musical crossover. Versace marks Criss’ first series regular TV gig following Glee. He also was poised to star in a workplace comedy that was in development at Fox.”

Wow. It’s nice to know that our Darren is busy as a bee after his gig as Blaine. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that his workplace comedy will work out. We look forward to it more than the Versace series.

darren criss speedo hunk versace

And who is this Andrew Cunanan guy that Darren will be playing? Well, he is a hustler who — in the words of wikipedia — “befriended wealthy older men and spent their money (or credit cards) to impress acquaintances”. Here’s a black and white photo of the guy.

andrew cunanan hot hustler - versace

He’s actually kind of hot, no? However, the guy is also a spree killer and one of his victims is designer Gianni Versace. At the time of the Versace murder, the authorities were not able to establish Cunanan’s motive for killing the designer. Let’s hope that the TV show will shed light on the Cunanan-Versace connection. Were the two lovers? Was Versace a Cunanan client? Did Andrew seek out the victim? Or was the designer simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and fell victim to a man intent to do something bad? Questions! Questions! And we hope we get answers!

Darren Criss Shirtless (14 February 2011). Okay Famewatchers, let’s take a short break blogging about your favorite celebrity red carpet dresses at the Grammy Awards so we can ogle at Darren Criss’s hairy chest, shall we?

darren criss shirtless body hair

Damn! That’s so fine ain’t it? We hope he never never shaves them chest because it looks so good. We hope other celebrities follow Darren’s example and say no to the ridiculous male body waxing which has become trendy among Hollywood folks. Anyhoo, these pics are from the recent issue of Out Magazine which we encourage you to buy.

darren criss chest hair

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