Danny Dyer Shirtless Photos and Gay Roles

Danny Dyer Shirtless Photos and Gay Roles. Who is the guy in the photo below looking fabulous in his short shorts? His name is Danny Dyer. He is an English actor (TV, stage, and movies) and television host who started his career in the biz when he was just 14 years old.

This hot pic is from his 2005 movie, The Business, where he plays an English lad who joins a gang involved in organized crime.

danny dyer short shorts in the business

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Danny, who’s now at the ripe age of 35 (hehe) has apparently starred/appeared in a total of 69 movies and television projects according to his IMDB profile. He sure has been busy, isn’t he? He appeared in his underwear in one of said movies.

danny dyer underwear - boxer shorts in human traffic

In particular, the pic above is from Danny’s very first film project, Human Traffic, a coming-of-age movie released in 2009.

Does Danny have a girlfriend? Yes he does. Her name is Joanne Mas. And they have been together since the age of 14. Wow. Color us impressed. That’s a puppy love that blossomed to real love. Danny and Joanne have two daughters, Dani (who was born in 1996) and Sunnie (who was born in 2007).

Ever heard of Ted Baker underwear? We ask because we are clueless about its existence before. We only came to know about it when we looked at this pic of Danny below where he is wearing a pair of white Ted Baker undies. It is apparently a British brand established in 1988 by a guy named Ted Baker. Nah, actually the founder of the apparel company is a guy named Ray Kelvin. Why did he not use his name for his brand? We don’t know. Maybe you can tell us?


Not surprisingly, Danny also wears other brands of undies. Check him out “showing off” his Aussiebum underwear. If our Danny is a little mansl*tty in the pic above. He goes full on mansl*t in the pic below. Get a room, you guys!

danny dyer gay kiss

Obviously, our Danny does not mind him some man-on-man action whether on the big screen or in real life. Danny and Shawn Hatosy make out in the 2000 film, Borstal Boy.


Danny Dyer and close friend and fellow actor Tamer Hassan. If this is what they do in public, can you imagine what these two do behind closed doors? Just asking. Hehe.