Daniele Montana Italian Model: Overweight to Sculpted Muscle God

Daniele Montana Italian Model: Overweight to Sculpted Muscle God. We are on a quest to update the posts we wrote a decade ago to see how the subjects we wrote about are doing now. Daniele appears to no longer be doing the kind of movies he used to do and is not active on social media.

Anyhoo, did you know that he used to be plus-sized before he discovered bodybuilding? At least that’s what he looked like in this photo from his Myspace account:

daniele montana before and after body building workout regimen

And this is what he transformed into after his bodybuilding exercises.

daniele montana bodybuilder workout

That’s a very inspiring transformation, if you ask us. Now, if only the gym in our neighborhood is open so we can go workout and get rid of the fat we gained from the corona virus quarantine.

Daniele Montana: Italian Model and Bodybuilder (11 April 2009). Famewatchers, meet Daniele Montana, a male model from Italy who’s our male model for the day. Damn, he’s a hottie isn’t he? He’s also a bodybuilder and an “adult” actor having appeared in films like Italian and Other Strangers which is about Italian guys doing it with stranger guys. Hehe. Actually, we haven’t watch the movie itself but we’re pretty sure that that is what it’s all about. Hehehe.

daniele montana body builder

As we were saying, our Daniele is a bodybuilder which explains his sculpted chest and ripped six-pack abs.

daniele montana fat to hot after body building

Want more hot Italian men like Daniele?

daniele montana shirtless abs body

Daniele Montana Workout Video. Want to see Daniele in action? Here’s a video he made with Philippe Delvaux. [Sorry, the video is no longer working.]

It’s delightful to watch him flex them muscles starting at the 1.32 mark. We’re not surprised that his fans are loving this video with “reviews” like:

  • I get a huge endorphin rush when I see him strut his stuff, and Asia’s “Heat of the Moment” starts playing in my head.
  • Why couldn’t I have ever been put in a scene with him !! Lol I can only dream now :(
  • He packs those jeans to well he must hurt.

Our favorite comment, of course, is FANTASTICO!!! because it neatly expresses what we feel about the Daniele’s video.

Daniele Montana Italian Model: Overweight to Sculpted Muscle God. Posted 11 April 2009. Last updated: July 11, 2020 at 10:48 am.