Daniele de Rossi Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend Photos

We wrote this post back in 2008 and updated it in 2010. It needs another update mainly to inform you fellow Famewatchers about the latest on Daniele De Rossi. Apparently, imaginary Italian boyfriend actually has a girlfriend named Sarah Felberbaum. She’s a gorgeous beautiful model as you can see in her pic below:

Daniele De Rossi girlfriend Sarah Felberbaum

Wanna see what Daniele looks like in 2014. He’s no longer as fresh-faced as when we first laid our eyes on him back in 2008 but he’s just as hot, hot, hot and just as shagalicious. Check out this older Daniele de Rossi shirtless photo:

DANIELE DE ROSSI shirtless 2014

Posted on 01 May 2010:


Remember Daniele de Rossi, the Italian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Serie A club Roma and the Italian national team, and who we earlier called our new imaginary boyfriend? Well, we’re very happy to note that our imaginary boyfriend is into tighty whitie underwear and, that he loves to show us his underwear while on the pitch.




We really have good taste in footballer guys, don’t we. Hey Daniele, just so you know, we are waiting for you to do a Dieux du Stade calendar or a nekkid photoshoot for Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman.

Want more football hunks?

Daniele De Rossi is Our New Imaginary Boyfriend
08 December 2008


Someone googled Daniele de Rossi and for some reason came to this blog. But since we don’t have a post about Daniele and we must admit that we’re not familiar with him at all, we decided to look him up in the internets. This is who we found out and we’d like you to meet him.

So Famewatchers, meet Daniele de Rossi, he’s an Italian football player who’s soooo cute we decided to make him our imaginary football boyfriend. He’s got a myspace account in case you want to know more about him. [Update: Oops, account no longer exists.]


Ain’t he a cutie? What haircut suits him better, the buzzcut or the one where he’s got more hair?