Daniel Kucan Shirtless: Sell This House – Extreme

Daniel Kucan Shirtless. This post is for you Famewatchers who are looking for shirtless photos of the cute guy on the reality TV show, Sell This House: Extreme. We are referring, of course, to Daniel Kucan. If you are like our friend Ronnie, you’d have mistakenly thought that Daniel is gay but he is actually straight and married. According to wiki, Daniel and his wife are currently living in Los Angeles.

daniel kucan karate

Another thing we learned about Daniel from his wiki profile is the fact that he is into Chinese martial arts and that he actually fights competitively. Way to go, Daniel-san!

Daniel Kucan shirtless


Is the bald guy above, by any chance, Charlie Frattini? Nah. Charlie, the Daniel’s co-star in Sell This House Extreme, is beefier than this guy.

What happened to Sell This House Extreme? Is it cancelled or is it coming back? There is no formal announcement coming from A&E TV but it looks like the show was cancelled. The last original episode aired last year so we are going to assume that the powers-that-be decided to not continue with the show. Kind of sad because we love, love, love the show.

What do we love about the show, you ask? Its seeing the transformation of a drab and boring home to one that is exciting and chic. We also love the camaraderie among the main cast — Daniel Kucan, Charlie Frattini, and Tanya Memme.

Update: For those of you wondering what Daniel’s wife looks like, here’s a wedding photo he shared on Facebook with the following message: “Two weeks ago, my long time girlfriend Kelley and I snuck off to Vienna for a couple weeks and eloped! Here we are right after the tiny little ceremony, outside the magistrate’s office.”

daniel kucan wife

Question: Is it us or does the bride look like Nicole Kidman? Daniel also kinda resemble Tom Cruise. Weird?

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