Daniel Henney Shirtless, Young Model, Girlfriend

Daniel Henney Shirtless, Young Model, Girlfriend. Look who’s got a gig in what is being described as Amazon’s biggest TV hit ever? It’s our Korean imaginary boyfriend, that’s who! Daniel is one of the regulars of the upcoming epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time where he will be playing the role of Lan Mandragoran.

daniel henney wheel of time

daniel henney Lan Mandragoran wheel of time

This, of course, gives us an excuse to bring you these shirtless photos of our biracial hunk taken during his days as a young male model.

daniel henney shirtless young

daniel henney shirtless body - ad campaign

daniel henney underwear model

daniel henney abs

Of course, he looks just as hot even when he’s not showing off his sculpted abs!

daniel henney gay or straight

daniel henney model young

daniel henney young model

On the girlfriend front, he may or may not be dating Japanese actress Ru Kamagai. But they still have to confirm whether they are in a relationship so who knows with these two.

daniel henney girlfriend or wife ru kumagai

Daniel Henney Girlfriend, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos (Posted 9 May 2009 and updated 19 May 2017). Have you watched X-Men Origins already? Did you go, “Who is that Agent Zero? He’s really cute.” Well, we must admit that we also found him to be irresistibly cute. So, just like what we did in the case of another Wolverine actor Taylor Kitsch, we went looking for pics and more information on Agent Zero and found these pics.

For those who don’t know him yet, Agent Zero is Daniel Henney, an American actor of Korean descent who also does some modeling gigs.

daniel henney gay v neck

daniel henney shirtless

Oh, and since we’re in the mood to nitpick, the V-Neck shirt in the very first photo is just silly. The opening is just so wide and is so low that it reminded us of nursing mothers. Seriously. It’s a total disservice to Daniel’s hunkiness to have him wear that outfit. Anyhoo, here’s our Daniel modeling a pair of briefs on the runway. Rock it, baby!

daniel henney underwear model

Daniel Henney Gay or Straight? He is straight and has dated actress Maggie Q in the past. Here’s a photo of the ex-lovebirds at an award ceremony.

daniel henney girlfriend ex maggie q

More recently our Korean hunk was in a relationship with Korean-American actress Jung Ryeo-won.

daniel henney girlfriend ex - jung ryeo won

Does he have a girlfriend in 2017? Seems like he is presently single and looking. Okay, fellow Famewatchers, who do you want to pair with our Daniel? Want more Korean hunks?

Daniel Henney Gay, Girlfriend, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos. Posted 7 May 2009. Last updated: November 15, 2021 at 5:56 am.