Daniel Craig Girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell: Engagement Ring?

Daniel Craig Girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell. Hey look, its celebrity couple Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell gracing the red carpet. What do you think of their outfit? We like it. They sure complement each other. Satsuki in her red dress and Daniel in a classic tuxedo suit. Hey Satsuki, if ever you dump Daniel, can you send him to us? Please. Hehe.

daniel craig girlfriend satsuki mitchell

Do you Famewatchers want more Daniel Craig. Or maybe you are more interested in checking out these male celebrities in their tuxedo suits instead.

Daniel Craig Girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell: Engagement Ring?
21 February 2010

Are Bond actor Daniel Craig and producer Satsuki Mitchell getting married? We ask because the two were spotted by the paparazzi wearing what appear to be wedding rings.

Daniel’s rep refuses to confirm or deny whether the two got married saying that its a “private matter” but here’s what a source in the know says about the matter:

‘We all suspect they have got married. He has always said Satsuki is the one but he didn’t want a big showbiz wedding, that would be his worst nightmare. He’s very private.’

Well, congratulations to these two lovebirds if, indeed, they decided to tie the knot. They are, of course, entitled to do it in private. Sure we are a sucker for celebrity weddings and we want to see the bride’s wedding gowns, the groom’s suit, their celebrity friends attending, and all the spectacle you’d expect to see in a wedding ceremony. We are suckers for those kinds of things but we also respect it when celebrities would rather get married in private.

Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell Watch: He’s Got a Rolex!
10 August 2010

We’ve seen Daniel Craig’s leather jackets, now let’s check out the watch he’s wearing. What brand of watch is that? That’s a stainless steel Rolex Datejust watch, baby. Unfortunately, we don’t know the brand his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell is wearing. See more Daniel Craig Rolex Watches.

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