Daniel Agger Wife, Girlfriend, Shirtless, Tattoos

Daniel Agger Wife, Girlfriend, Shirtless, Tattoos: Danish Football Hunk. It’s time for another hunk from Denmark and, this time, let’s check out 28 year old football star Daniel Agger who currently plays for Liverpool. He also captains the Danish national team during international competitions.

daniel agger body

Does he have the most perfect upper body on a football athlete? Looks like it, huh? And his tattoos look pretty cool too unlike some celebrity tattoos which look horrendous on the people wearing them.

daniel agger shirtless - smooth chest

Well, it turns out that aside from being a talented ballkicker, Daniel is also a talented “qualified tattoo artist” according to British tabloid, Metro. Intrigued by the tattoos our Danish hunk has on his muscled body?

Here’s what wikipedia says about Daniel tattoos: “He himself has numerous tattoos including a Viking on his upper right arm, a large drawing of Vikings and a graveyard that spans his whole back, which includes his birth date and the Latin motto ‘Mors certa, hora incerta’ (‘death is certain, its hour is uncertain’), forming a memento mori. He also features an intricate band around his left elbow which includes the phrase ‘Succes er at leve som man selv vil’ (‘Success is to live as one wants’ in Danish).”

Looks like our Daniel has a philosopher in him, no? Shall we call him a philosopher-hunk?

daniel agger - denmark sexy man

Shirtless with friends.

daniel agger - shirtless - danish football star

If you are wondering whether Daniel wears boxers or briefs, you’ve got the answer right here. Apparently, he likes him his tighty whitie underwear. Nice.

Daniel Agger - soccer star

As for the brand of underwear he likes, we’re not surprised to see him wearing a pair of Under Armour Underwear which is loved by other famous athletes. We’re pretty sure MMA fighter and brand spokesmodel Georges St. Pierre will approve. See Georges St. Pierre’s Under Armour Underwear.

For those of you who are wondering, yes Daniel is in a relationship. Actually he has a wife, Sofie Nelson, and they married last May 2010 his hometown of Hvidovre, Denmark. Check out their wedding photos. Want more football wives and girlfriends?

daniel agger girlfriend sofie nelson

daniel agger wife is sofie nelson wedding clothes

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