Danica Patrick Bikini Swimwear Photos – Sports Illustrated Magazine

Danica Patrick Bikini Swimwear Photos – Sports Illustrated Magazine. This is for Danica Patrick’s legion of fanboys especially our good friend Kelso who specifically requested us to do a post on the race driver’s bikini swimsuit photos from Sports Illustrated. So watchu waiting for Danica, go ahead and ride that car! [Update: Sorry, we have to delete the photos.]


Danica Patrick: IndyCar Series Racer Girl
30 August 2010

danica patrick bikini

You love Danica Patrick don’t you? Of course you do, why else would you be googling for her sexy photos. Consider your google wish fulfilled. Then check out her photos we from Sports Illustrated and compare it with these pics. A girl doesn’t have to be in her bikini to be sexy, no?

danica patrick sexy female racer

Want more sexy American girls?

Danica Patrick Bikini Girl for Shape Magazine
27 April 2009

danica patrick bikini swimwear shape magazine

Danica Patrick is Shape Magazine’s cover girl in their upcoming June 2009 issue. She also modeled for FHM Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

Danica on Jennifer Aniston: Too Old to Play Me
20 February 2009

Danica wants Angelina Jolie to play her in a movie because Angie is an action star. When asked whether Jennifer Aniston can play her too, Danica says that Jen is too old. Interesting. But we think she’s got a good point. Of course Aniston is too old to play her but you wouldn’t know it because she keeps portraying (we won’t even call it acting) the the 20-something girl from Friends. It’s getting pathetic for Aniston doing the same role again and again and again. We think she’ll continue to act as if she’s in her 20s even if she’s in her fifties.

Catfight: Danica Patrick vs Milka Duno
03 August 2008

Oh my. You might have watched this already but I love me some catfight so I’m posting it anyway. Danica Patrick fighting Milka Duno? Good thing they didn’t decide to duke it out while they’re on the racetrack because that would have led to a total disaster.

Danica has a history of confronting other drivers but those who follow her exploit [okay at least one of them] are saying that she is right in this latest flare-up.

Danica Patrick Bikini Swimwear Photos – Sports Illustrated Magazine. Posted 18 February 2009.