Danell Leyva Gymnast: Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Washboard Abs

Danell Leyva Gymnast: Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Washboard Abs. Who wants a photo of Danell Leyva in his tight boxer briefs underwear, raise your hand. Hey, why are we not surprised that a lot of you are raising your hand. Hehe. Good thing Danell himself is oh-so-liberal in giving out his underwear photos. It might get him in trouble though.

According to Deadspin (aka the World Leader in Dong Shots), the 20-year-old American gymnast has taken some naughty pictures of himself in his birthday suit and sent it to some girl.

danell leyva gymnast shirtless

Not surprisingly, the girl forwarded the pics to Deadspin.

From the Deadspin report: “The woman asked for nothing in return. She says she had ‘some in underwear and some nudes’ of the 20-year-old Miami native, some of which have already appeared on the internet. The woman says Leyva had ‘sorta played; her on a promised photo exchange, and that he’s done this to other women, too.”

Here are the pics, we won’t be surprised if there are some steamier images than these ones. Come on Deadspin, show us the meatier pics. Don’t hoard them for yourselves.

danell leyva shirtless

Oh wow. What a bod! Our friend Deena, who loves her some hot male gymnasts will be pleased. Meanwhile Kenneth, who loves him his guys with six pack washboard abs will be beyond pleased.

A faceless pic of our guy wearing nothing but a tight white boxer briefs. Some have raised doubts whether this is really Danell but we have no doubt its him just because we want it to be him. Silly, we know. Hehe.

Ay dios mio! Muchas gracias. Hehehe. This photo prompted some members of the Deadspin commentariat to write the following comments:

COMMENTER 1: “As a gay dude who gets upset at sexist dudes who have nothing better to contribute to discussions of a woman’s worth than “I’d hit that”, I have nothing to say here that would not make me a hypocrite.”

COMMENTER 2: “I’ll co-sign as well. Would “I’d hit that, then take that out to a nice show” constitute a meaningful contribution?”

COMMENTER 3: “In my wildest dreams Dannell wakes up realizing he’s been living a lie his entire life, listens to his heart’s deepest desires, fesses up to his family and friends, and finally comes out as a proud guy who likes to take his own picture. What?”

Hehehe. We are soo with the last commenter. Oh wait, we have another Danell Leyva underwear photo and this time he is wearing a pair of Batman boxer shorts. Well, let us include him to our select group of celebrities who love them their Batman Underwear for Men.

danell levya underwear

FYI: Danell Leyva is the reigning world champion in the parallel bars. Whether he can add an Olympic gold medal to his World Championship title is something that remains to be seen.

Danell Leyva Gymnast: Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Washboard Abs. Posted 31 July 2012.