Dance Hunks on TV: Shirtless Male Dancers Rocking It

Dance Hunks on TV: Shirtless Male Dancers Rocking It. This post is for Famewatchers who are fans of hunky men who know how to dance. What do old folks say about men with great moves on the dance floor? That they are, supposedly, also great in bed. Sadly, we haven’t dated any dancer so we don’t know whether it is true or not. Maybe some of you Famewatchers can confirm whether there’s any truth to the saying that good dancers make good lovers? Anyhoo, let’s begin our List of Ten Hot Male Dancers with ballet dancer Charlie Andersen, a member of the Royal Danish Ballet.

dance hunks are hot male dancers - ballet - charlie andressen

The photo below does not do justice to the sexiness of Tadd Gadduang and Marko Germar, two of the hottest guys who ever competed in the reality show, So You Think You Can Dance. The two competed in season 8 with Tadd ending in fourth place while Marko took third place honors.

hot male dance hunks - tad gadduang and marko germar2

Ahh Mark Kanemura. He is our first-ever SYTYCD imaginary boyfriend. He was so clean-cut and wholesome back when he was on the show so many seasons ago you’d like to worship him on a pedestal. Now, well… he is edgier you’d want to go down and dirty with him. Hehe.

dance hunks shirtless - mark kanemura - so you think you can dance

Cory Stearns is one of the principal dancers of the American Ballet Theater. When he’s not dancing, he’s modeling shirtless on the runway. Yum!

hot male dancers - ballet -Cory Stearns

James Jordan one of the professional dancers of the British reality show, Strictly Come Dancing. Oh wait, he apparently left the show. He is now one of the housemates of Celebrity Big Brother currently airing on Channel 5.

dance hunks on tv james jordan shirtless

Alex Wong is a ballet dancer who competed in season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance. Unfortunately, he had to leave the show because of an injury.

dance hunks on tv - alex wong - sytycd and ballet

Brazilian hottie Marcelo Gomes is one of the principal dancers of the American Ballet Theater.

dance hunks on tv - Marcelo Gomes

Dancing With the Stars’ Maksim Chmerkovskiy is a bit of a hothead but we love, love, love him on the show. Too bad he left. We hope he comes back in the future.

maksim calvin klein

Rudy Abreu is probably the hottest male dancer on SYTYCD Season 11, no? Want to see more shirtless SYTYCD Dancers?

rudy-abreu shirtless - sytycd season 11 contestant

Casper Smart used to be J-Lo’s backup dancer. Then the two hooked up and went to Loversville. But then they headed to Splitsville reportedly because he cheated. Ain’t that sad? But J-Lo sure knows how to pick her men because Casper is the embodiment of hawt, hawt, hawt.

sexy male dancers - casper smart - jlo backup dancer

So who of these 11 hot male dancers is your favorite? Who would you bring home to mama? Tell us in the comments.

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