Dan Yates is an Out MMA Fighter and Model

Dan Yates MMA Fighter: Brysen, Boyfriend, Modeling Photos. Today in Hot MMA Fighters, we bring you Michigander Dan Yates who probably holds the distinction as the first MMA fighter who is openly out of the closet, is a proud member of the LGBT community, and is active in the sport.

Can you think of anyone else? If you do, sent the info our way. But MMA fighters who came out after they retired or who are out only to family and friends do not count. Anyhoo, here’s Dan Yates aka Mr. Genuine inside the octagon.

dan yates mma fighter out lgbt

Anyhoo, according to tapology.com which is our go-to site when it comes to the win-loss record of MMA fighters — and from which we grabbed the above thirst-inducing photo — Dan has record of 1 win, 1 loss, and a draw as a professional fighter.

dan yates mma fighter in octagon

As an amateur MMA fighter, Dan also has an even record of three wins and three losses which is pretty respectable if you ask us.

dan yates vs joe riggs

Aside from being an MMA fighter also does some modeling particularly for Andrew Christian which mostly know for its underwear and swimwear line. Here are some of his modeling photos for said brand.

dan yates andrew christian model

Here’s another one which we had to crop to pass the censoring eyes of our Grandma Akita. Haha.

dan yates gay mma fighter andrew christian underwear model

Dan Yates Boyfriend Nolan Tyler. The MMA Fighter and male model is dating boyfriend Nolan Tyler. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds we grabbed from Dan’s Insta (follow him @thedanyates).

dan yates boyfriend nolan tyler

Apparently, he also starred in some videos, performing under the name Brysen, for a site that caters to men who love men. Hah!

dan yates brysen sean cody

Brysen and a costar beating the desert heat.

brysen and blake sean cody

In 2018, Dan did an interview with the Andrew Christian website and here are interesting facts about him which we are excerpting below.

On the kind of student he is: I had a couple of C’s and D’s on my report card. My parents wanted me to have A’s. They were the ones to hold me back, not the school. After that, I was solely focused on Academics. I went on to being the student of the year…which wasn’t hard because I already did it once. I was in the top ten of my graduating [high school] class, won the championship in Wrestling, and received a scholarship to the University of Michigan.

On his college degree: I have a Bachelors in Science Technology. I have so much going on right now that I haven’t been actively pursuing it. But, I’ve been looking into massage therapy out here. I have a few things I’m trying to get up and going in Sports Medicine out here. I have options.

On coming out of the closet: I was closeted until my Junior year of college. I came out to a couple of my close friends and family, eventually my wrestling teammates. I wasn’t out back home though. I had to leave college and come back home…and come out again. On my 26th birthday, I tried to come out all over again. I came out, officially, a year and a half ago. Where I’m from is a small town with loving people, but everyone is conservative and small minded. I began modeling and it kind of forced me out. I wanted to come out of the closet before my family and town began questioning.

On the kind of boyfriend he likes: I like the younger, smooth skin, feminine, twinks. Someone who I can protect and care for. Nerdier the better! I love nerdy guys. I’m known to call out hecklers who are yelling at the flamboyant guys I’m around. I like someone who I can confidence too. I want to care for someone and look after them. There’s a reason why I’m so broke, I’m always paying for the dates! I’ve been brought up to take care of people and help those around me. I like doing it.

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