Dan Stevens Underwear, Shirtless Body, and Speedo Photos

Dan Stevens Underwear, Shirtless Body, and Speedo Photos. June 2020 is gonna be a good month for Dan Stevens fans. Why, you ask? Because we — yup, include us among his fans — will be seeing the Downton Abbey hunk in the upcoming Netflix comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

According to reports, he will be playing a Russian contestant named Alexander Lemtov and, as it usually happens on Eurovision, he’d be singing and dancing on stage without his shirt. Yay!!! Will he beat Volcano Man or will Will Ferrell come out victorious?

dan stevens shirtless as alexander lemtov in eurovision

Apparently, he is going to be shirtless whenever he is onscreen. Says director David Dobkin, “When Dan finally saw the movie, he texted me saying, ” ‘I can’t believe we succeeded, I never actually wore a shirt the entire film.'”

While we are waiting for the movie to arrive on 26 June 2020, we screencapped these shirtless, underwear, and Speedo photos of our English actor. First, check him out a shirtless Dan from the 2013 movie The Guest where he plays a former Army sergeant.

dan stevens body - the guest

And here’s a shirtless Dan from the 2012 film Vamps where he plays Joey Van Helsing who is apparently the son of the famous Dr. Van Helsing.

dan stevens shirtless in the vamps

Our Dan romances Molly Ritter (rather, her character) on the movie and we get to see him in a pair of boxer briefs underwear. Yay. We know lots of you are fans of male celebrity underwear so we are uploading these two images of him in his underoos.

dan stevens underwear boxer briefs

dan stevens underwear in the vamps

Oops, let’s actually make it three images.

dan stevens underwear boxer briefs2

But wait, there’s more! This time, our Dan is rocking his squarecut Speedos.

dan stevens speedo in the line of beauty3

Dan’s Speedo photos are from an episode of the TV show The Line of Beauty where he falls in love with a dude named Leo Charles (played by actor Don Gilet).

dan stevens speedo underwear in line of beauty

dan stevens speedo in the line of beauty

Dan with Alex Wyndham in Line of Beauty. We’re not sure if they also hook up on the show.

dan stevens gay with Alex Wyndham in line of beauty

Dan Stevens Gay or Straight in Real Life? He is straight and very much married to jazz singer/teacher Susie Stevens with whom he has three children.

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