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Dan Payne Shirtless, Young, Wedding. So, your four Famewatchers were watching Virgin River on Netflix and, when the new character Nate Brenner appeared, Kevin went like, “Hey, that’s the daddy in Mulligans!” For her part, our niece Sheila who is home for the summer break went like, “Mulligans? You mean the guy from The Good Witch?”

dan payne virgin river

Both of them are, of course, right. Indeed, our 49-year-old Canadian daddy that is Dan Payne starred in both the LGBT movie Mulligans which Kevin watched back in 2008 as well as in The Good Witch which Sheila binged two years ago on Netflix. If we are not mistaken, Mulligans is also on Netflix.

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Dan Payne Gay or Straight? He is straight in real life but he played an LGBT character in Mulligans. Specifically, he plays a closeted married man who falls for the college friend of his son who visits them during one summer. Yaiks, your a mess, Mr. Mulligan!

dan payne gay in mulligans

Update: Oops, just found out that Dan’s character in the movie is not named Mr. Mulligan. Haha. Rather, his name is Nathan Davidson. Oh, and the other guy in the pic is Charlie David who played the younger summer fling aka lover.

dan payne underwear boxer shorts in the mulligans

Want more shirtless photos of our hunky Canadian actor? Of course you do! We grabbed some of these from his social media accounts. Follow him on Instagram @actordanpayne.

dan payne hot daddy2

dan payne shirtless beach

dan payne shirtless body

dan payne underwear

Here’s a pic of the long-haired actor back when he was younger. He shared this to his Instagram followers with the accompanying message: “There was a time that I thought long hair and looking like a knock off Tarzan wannabe was cool. I was living in Australia working for Club Croc Long Island as a photographer at the time. It seemed cool at the time! Oh to be young and foolish!”

dan payne young

Actually, the hair suits him nicely, right? And here’s a pic with his wife Daylon Payne from when they got married in 2003. Yay!

dan payne wife daylon - wedding photo

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