Dan Jeannotte Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Wife Heidi Hawkins

Dan Jeannotte Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Wife or Girlfriend, Single or Married? Who is the hot guy in uniform? Is he a real police officer? Should we include him in our list of real hot cops?

Dan Jeannotte hot police uniform - the good witch

Well, fellow Famewatcher, his name is Dan Jeannotte. Unfortunately, we cannot include him in said list not because he’s not hot but because he is only playing the role of a police officer. Specifically, he is Police Officer Brandon Russell on the show The Good Witch which you can watch on the Hallmark Channel.

Dan Jeannotte - good witch - hot police uniform3b

Aside from The Good Witch, our Canadian hunk also stars on the fantasy drama Reign which airs on The CW. In this show, our Dan – as James Earl of Moray – rocks his fabulous and to-die-for fur coat.

Dan Jeannotte hot guy in fur - as James Stewart 1st Earl of Moray3

Dan Jeannotte Shirtless. Dan goes shirtless in the next photo below with his pals from the improv group, Uncalled For. He is the guy standing on the left. The other guys are Mike Hughes (sitting), Matt Goldberg (standing center), and Anders Yates (standing right).

dan jeannotte shirtless with buddies

Of course, we know you want a closer look at Dan Jeannotte shirtless so here’s a closeup of Dan by his lonesome.

dan jeannotte shirtless photo with buddies

But wait, there’s more! Here are some shirtless photos of our Canadian hottie from the show The Bold Type.

Dan Jeannotte shirtless body - the bold type

Dan Jeannotte shirtless body - the bold type2

Dan Jeannotte shirtless canadian hunk

And here’s a shirtless GIF of our gorgeous actor which, if we are not mistaken, is from the TV series Reign:

Dan Jeannotte body - shirtless - reign

Dan Jeannotte Gay or Straight? He is straight. He is also very much married to a lucky girl name Heidi Hawkins.

In an interview with postcity.com, Dan tells us how the couple met: “Heidi and I were both cast in a Shakespeare play, As You Like It — one of his comedies where complete strangers fall in love in the space of a few lines of dialogue. There was instantly something between us. But we couldn’t admit it because we were actually both in relationships at the time. Our characters get married at the end of the play, and we shared a kiss onstage. Somehow that kiss seemed to get longer during every performance. Years later, the director who cast us in that show was the officiant at our wedding.”

A pic of Dan and Heidi which we grabbed from postcity.com:

Dan Jeannotte wife Heidi Hawkins - married wedding

The couple are now blessed with a son. Here’s an adorable photo of father and son which we grabbed from Dan’s Facebook account. If you want more of this, follow him on Facebook (@dan.p.jeannotte).

dan jeannotte son family

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