Dallas Hart Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend: Greenhouse Academy

Dallas Hart Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend: Greenhouse Academy. Anyone of you watching the Netflix show, Greenhouse Academy? We ask because our niece Sheila is a fan of the show and keeps raving about it when she visited last week. We’ve not heard about it before and we teased her that she must be the only one watching but it’s apparently now on it’s third season. Given how cancel-happy Netflix has become, the show must be popular enough to last this long, huh?

Anyhoo, we promised Sheila we’d be including one of its cast members to our Netflix hunks and we decided that the honor would go to Dallas Hart who plays Leo Cruz on the show. He looks good shirtless, doesn’t he?

Dallas Hart shirtless

We grabbed the above photo as well as the next one below from his Instagram account which you might want to follow (@dallrulz).

Dallas Hart shirtless instagram dallrulz

Dallas Hart Gay or Straight? Relationship Status? Is Dallas gay or straight? Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend? We don’t know the answers at this point but we’ll update this post once we find out. In the Greenhouse Academy world however, Leo Cruz is as straight as they come and is dating Hayley Woods. As may be expected in the world of celebrity dating, fans are speculating that Dallas and the actress who plays Hayley, Ariel Mortman, are dating in real life.

Want some pics of Leo and Hayley being lovey-dovey on Greenhouse Academy? Here you go:

dallas hart girlfriend Ariel Mortman

dallas hart girlfriend Ariel Mortman kiss

Dallas Hart Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Is Dallas a skimpy tight briefs guy? Does he want it lose with boxer shorts? Or is he one of those who like them hybrid aka boxer briefs? Well, looks like he is more into boxer shorts than either briefs or boxer briefs. That’s what he is wearing in the next photos below anyway.

dallas hart underwear boxer shorts

Who are his pals? Are they also from Greenhouse Academy? Why are they all in boxer shorts? And why are they not wearing shoes?