Dallas Cowboys Underwear: Buy Yourself a Tommy John

Dallas Cowboys Underwear: Buy Yourself a Tommy John. We were thinking of bringing you our second installment of NFL Players in Underwear but we came across this report of the Dallas Cowboys selling Tommy John Underwear and we went like, “Hmmm, isn’t that the underwear that Howard Stern is always talking about on his radio show?”

Sure enough, when we googled to confirm whether we correctly remembered Howard’s favorite underwear brand, we came across this Yahoo article about how the satellite radio host became instrumental in building the brand:

Howard Stern instigated a traffic jam at the Tommy John website and an inventory shortage when he told his listeners that the $30 underwear that doesn’t smash his anatomy has changed his life. (The company’s savvy marketers quickly created a social media contest to give free underwear to customers who tweeted #HowardSternTookMyTJs to @TommyJohn).

Eventually, Tommy John grew from a mom and pop company (it was literally founded by a husband and wife team) into one of the best well reviewed underwear brands in the good ole U.S. of A. to the point that the Dallas Cowboys partnered with them to sell Dallas Cowboys Tommy John underwear. How cool is that?

Let’s check out this gorgeous male model lounging in his Dallas Cowboys undies, shall we? Anyone of you fellow Famewatchers know who the model is? We’ve been trying to ID him but came up short.

dallas cowboys underwear by tommy john

Aside from Howard Stern, another celebrity who loves wearing Tommy John is actor comedian Kevin Heart. In fact, he likes it so much he apparently invested in the company. Unlike Howard, he likes getting photographed wearing his Tommy Johns too.

kevin heart underwear by tommy john

More about Kevin’s investment from a press release back in 2016:

The 37-year-old comedian, who has taken to social media in his Tommy John drawers on multiple occasions, last week announced he has invested in the men’s underwear brand, with plans to launch a “Kevin Hart by Tommy John” line next year. “He’s providing the most authentic endorsements you can get in the social-media age,” said company founder and CEO Tom Patterson, who officially announced the partnership on Thursday.

After appearing in the product multiple times on Instagram, Hart first approached Patterson in January looking to invest in the company and discuss the possibility of collaborating on an edited collection.

Let’s end this post with more models rocking their Tommy Johns, shall we?

tommy john underwear for men

tommy john underwear for men2

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