Daddy Underwear Models: Matthew Camp, Zaddies, Younger Guys, and the Ladies

Daddy Underwear Models: Matthew Camp, Zaddies, Younger Guys, and the Ladies. Huh, did you know that there is a Daddy Underwear? That’s with a capital D as in Daddy Underwear brand rather than, you know, any daddy’s underoos. We chanced upon this photo of Matthew Camp on Instagram and we’re like, “Oh wow! That’s actually a very cool idea to come up with a Daddy Underwear brand.”

daddy underwear model - matthew camp

Turns out that the actor is a co-owner of the Daddy Couture brand (with Rebecca More). According to its website, the brand was established just two years ago in 2018 and, although it’s name may suggest that it’s only for daddies, it’s actually “strategically designed to unleash the extra inside all of us”. We don’t exactly know what they are unleashing but the brand is for sons too like John Duff below:

daddy underwear model - john duff

In an interview with Out Magazine, the Daddy Couture co-owners have these to say about their brand:

Rebecca More: To be honest, I didn’t want to just be selling for the sake of it. I wanted it to look good as well. I’m a firm believer of things feeling right. When we first got in touch with each other, it just felt right, it felt like the right brand. Everything about it looked good. I liked the look of the website, and it was a queer brand.

Matthew Camp: I loved that there were so many different people that were adorning “daddy” as a logo and an identity. You think about what a daddy is typically — it’s the sort of alpha of the family, the person that takes care of everyone. I liked that there were all these people of different genders identities that were like, “I’m a daddy, too.” Taking ownership of a community and people that you love and taking care of them.

Of course, as may be expected of a fashion brand, Daddy Couture ain’t only about underoos. It sells other outfits too like these fab jacket on Stephen Clarke.

daddy underwear model - stephen clarke

These outfits on these ladies:

daddy underwear for girls women ladies

And many others like this sweater on Mark Young:

daddy underwear model - mark young

Let us end this post with another photo of Matthew Camp modeling his Daddy Couture undies, shall we?

daddy underwear model - matthew camp2

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