Curvy Girls Dresses: Fashion Models Edition

Curvy Girls Dresses – Fashion Models Edition. After our post on full figured dresses seen on your favorite plus-size celebrities, we think we should also check out what your favorite female models are wearing. So here’s a post on curvy girls dresses as seen on four fabulous girls who are making a name for themselves by paving a way for curvy girls in fashion.

Iman McDonnaugh walking for Lane Bryant x Isabel Toledo during a 2014 fashion show. Lane Bryant specializes in outfits for curvy girls and its dresses range from the affordable $50 to as high as $483.

curvy girls dresses - iman mcdonnaugh for lane bryant isabel toledo

In an interview with, Iman talks about her pet peeve with regards to curvy girls fashion and how she deals with it:

My pet peeve when it comes to curvy girl fashion is: Shirts that are too tight on the arms. Also, pants that only fit my thighs if the waist band is too big and only fit my waist if the hip area is too big!

My secret solution to this is: Getting to know the brands that fit well for my body and buying clothing with a little stretch in them. A little stretch goes a long way!

Iskra Lawrence. Who says curvy girls can’t rock form-fitting dresses? Certainly not Iskra Lawrence.

curvy girls dresses - Iskra Lawrence by Rafael Clemente

Iskra has this to say about modeling as a curvy girl:

I realised at around 18 that instead of trying to change my body to fit into sample sizes I would try to change the industry. When I signed with my current agencies they helped me realise that I could be a successful model at my size. So I focused on becoming the best version of myself, work harder, research nutrition and work out to feel strong and healthy.

Iskra looks fab in her Reis outfit of the day.

curvy girls dresses - iskra lawrence by reis fashion

Ashley Graham. Ashley Graham made history this year when she became the first plus sized model to be a cover girl of Sports Illustrated Magazine. Here’s a photo from his SI photoshoot:

curvy girls dresses - ashley graham

But this 27-year-old beauty from Nebraska isn’t just a model. She’s a pretty good designer too. Recently, she designed an Addition Elle collection — which includes fabulous lingeries to sexy dresses — which earned raves during the recent New York Fashion Week.

curvey girls dresses - addition elle collection 2016

We love, love, love the first dress which is currently on sale (for only $70) at

Philomena Kwao. Let’s end this post with these modeling photos of British-Ghanaian model Philomena Kwao who looks gorgeous in all the curvy girls dresses she’s wearing below.

curvey girls dresses - Philomena Kwao - fabulous dresses

What is Philomena wearing? Okay, the first dress (the red one) is by Monif C, the middle one is by Bailey44, while the right one is from the Lane Bryant collection.

That’s it for now, fellow FashionWatchers. Which of these curvy girls dresses is your favorite?

Curvy Girls Dresses – Fashion Models Edition posted 21 February 2016. Updated 20 March 2017.