Crystal Drag Queen Real Name, Boyfriend, Shirtless, Boy Look

Crystal Drag Queen Real Name, Boyfriend, Shirtless, Boy Look. We’re kind of sad that Crystal was eliminated in the latest episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK. She brought some of the most interesting looks of the season and her post-apocalyptic look is boundary pushing and will be up there among the most iconic outfits that we will continue to talk about in the future. We also love his Queen Elizabeth look which reminds us of them hot mounties of Crystal’s native Canada.

crystal rpdr uk real name

For those of you wondering, Crystal’s real name or non-drag name is Colin Munro. He sure looks like a Colin (unlike Manila Luzon who kinda don’t like like a Carl). Here’s a photo of Crystal for those of you looking for what he looks like as a boy.

crystal colin munro rupauls drag race uk boy look

We grabbed the above pic as well as the rest of the photos in these post from Crystal’s Instagram account which you might want to follow at Wondering what Crystal/Colin Munro looks like shirtless? Here you go, a shirtless Colin Munro taken in the jungles of Costa Rica. Hey Colin, did you see a ghost? You look so surprised!

crystal rupauls drag race shirtless photos

Crystal/Colin Munro Boyfriend. What’s the RPDR-UK drag queen’s relationship status at the moment? Is he dating anyone or is he single and ready to mingle? Well, fellow Famewatchers, our Colin has got himself a boyfriend. Here are photos of the lovebirds which, as we mentioned above, we grabbed from Crystal’s social media account ( on Instagram).

crystal colin munro boyfriend twins3

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crystal colin munro boyfriend hot

crystal colin munro drag queen shirtless with boyfriend

By the way, did you know that Crystal is a Haligonian? Apparently, a Haligonian is what you call a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia where our drag queen is originally from. We learned this when a Halifax website referred to her as Haligonian and we were like, “Huh, what the heck does that mean?” Who knew we’d be learning some geography lessons by being fans of Rupaul’s Drag Race.

We’d leave you with our favorite image of Crystal which is him singing with his friends in a pair of Speedos. Kinda hawt, huh? No wonder some RPDR fans are thirsty for the non-drag personas of their favorite queens.

crystal rpdr uk speedo underwear