Cristiano Ronaldo Sunglasses: Gucci and Ray-Ban

Cristiano Ronaldo Sunglasses Brand Update. Our Cristiano continues go up his sunglasses “game” by wearing different stylish eyewear from various brands. Check out, for instance, the world’s most famous football star wearing a Chrome Hearts sunglasses.

cristiano ronaldo sunglasses brand chrome hearts sunglasses

Next, here’s our Cristiano wearing a pair of Retrosuperfuture Super flat top sunglasses which you can add to your eyewear collection for a rather pricey $249.

cristiano ronaldo sunglasses brand - Super by Retrosuperfuture Flat-top Sunglasses

Last but not the least in this update is this photo of Cristiano looking pretty cool in not a pair of sunglasses but a pair of really chic eyeglass. Damn, doesn’t he look scholarly and distinguished? And effable too, we must say.

cristiano ronaldo glasses by nike

Anyhoo, according to, the glasses he’s wearing is from the Nike eyewear collection. Cristiano really didn’t have to wear the eyeglass because his vision is good but we guess he did it to make us aware that Nike is also into the eyewear game.


Cristiano Ronaldo Sunglasses: Gucci and Ray-Ban. What brand of men’s designer glasses is Portuguese footballer and famous baby-daddy Cristiano Ronaldo wearing in this photo? He is, dearie, wearing a pair of Gucci 1627 Aviator sunglasses.

cristiano ronaldo sunglasses gucci

Take a closer look at the Gucci 1627 Aviator sunglasses.

For more male celebrities in designer glasses, check out Zac Efron’s Persol 649 sunglasses, Noah Mills in D&G sunglass, and Nicholas Hoult in Tom Ford eyewear.


Gucci 1827 Sunglasses on Cristiano Ronaldo
06 September 2010

Let’s add male fashionista and Gucci-loving Cristiano Ronaldo to our list of celebrities who wear dark sunglasses. What brand is he wearing? You guessed right if you said its Gucci. Cristiano’s love for all things Gucci extends to his choice of eyewear. In this case, he’s wearing a pair of Gucci 1827 sunglasses.

cristiano ronaldo sunglasses gucci 1827


Ray Ban 3416Q Sunglasses: Cristiano Ronaldo Eyewear
12 September 2011

cristiano ronaldo sunglasses ray-ban 3416Q

Hey there, Cristiano Ronaldo! Who are you looking up to? Me! Wow, I’m very flattered. Oh, don’t mess with my heart. I know you’ve got a girlfriend, that Russian tart Irina Shayk. Or is it Irina Shark? By the way, I love your Ray Ban 3416Q sunglasses. Ugh, I hate all these number-letter combination they do to name fabulous accessories, it sooo reduces its fabulosity.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sunglasses: Gucci and Ray-Ban. Posted 15 July 2010. Updated 30 May 2017.