Cristiano Ronaldo’s Gucci Leather Jackets: Bomber & Vintage

Cristiano Ronaldo Leather Jacket by Gucci. What brand of leather jacket does Cristiano Ronaldo like to wear? Well, he’s wearing a Gucci bomber leather jacket in these pics. But we’re pretty sure he’s not an exclusive Gucci wearer and that he also goes for other luxury labels. With all the money he makes as one of the highest paid (if not THE highest paid) footballers in the world, he sure can afford to have a houseful of all leather jacket brands in the world.

cristiano ronaldo leather jacket by gucci

Ahh, the life of the rich and famous! We kinda want and do not want it at the same time. The good thing is you’ve got fans who adore you. On the other hand, you can’t walk around town without some oglers.

Is his purse also made by Gucci? Loots like it, no?

cristiano ronaldo leather jacket - gucci bomber leather

A Gucci bomber leather jacket.

Funny Ronaldo question: Does Cristiano suffer from jock itch or does he just love to play with his balls?

More Cristiano Ronaldo Leather Jacket by Gucci (08 September 2010). Surely Cristiano Ronaldo loves him his Gucci doesn’t he? If we look closely at his picture below, we can see that aside from the Gucci leather jacket he’s wearing, the football superstar is also wearing a Gucci belt and a pair of Gucci Hi-Top Sneakers. Who’d like to bet that he’s got a pair of tight Gucci briefs underneath them trousers? How expensive are Cristiano’s Guccis? The Gucci Vintage Bomber Brown Leather Jacket reportedly costs $3,775, his belt is worth $295, while his shoes is $670.

We guess it’s okay to call him a Gucci fanatic because … hey, look at that leather jacket he’s wearing when he visited Uzbekistan back in 2009. You’d be correct if you guessed that the Portuguese hunk is wearing a jacket from the Gucci Menswear Leather Collection.

So our football star meets the leader of Uzbekistan.

Here are two more Cristiano Ronaldo leather jacket. We don’t know the label but we won’t be surprised if these stylish leather jackets are also made by Gucci. After all, the football superstar sure knows how to pick the best and right outfits to wear.

In conclusion, all we gotta say is love, love, love.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Gucci Leather Jackets: Bomber & Vintage. Posted 23 September 2010. Last updated: July 6, 2020 at 1:18 am.