Movie Cowboy Hats: Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens

Movie Cowboy Hats (posted 18 November 2010). Whoever decided to cast two badass action stars – Daniel Craig aka James Bond and Harrison Ford aka Indiana Jones – in the movie Cowboys and Aliens deserves a lot of props from us here at Famewatcher. They also deserve props for giving these boys their awesome cowboy hats.

movie cowboy hats - cowboys and aliens starring harrison ford and daniel craig

Watch out for these two when their movie hits the big screen sometime in July 2011.

movie cowboy hats - cowboys and aliens

Who’s got the better lookin’ movie cowboy hat?

harrison ford cowboy hats

Oh, Olivia Wilde is a pretty cool addition to the cast too. Ain’t she purty in her cowboy hat?

movie cowboy hats - olivia wilde

So what do you think of the above movie cowboy hats? For more celebrity cowboy hats, you might want to check out Kiefer Sutherland who is not only a great actor but a cowboy in real life.

Best Cowboy Hat Ever: Cowboy Fashion in Your Television (06 August 2010). Awesome cowboy hats! This advert, featuring John Russell and Peter Brown, is obviously for Camel cigarettes but excuse us if we’re more interested in them cowboy hats. First, because we know that smoking is bad for your health and, second, because them hats are just awesome. Too bad there ain’t any cowboy TV shows anymore.

By the way, John Russell and Peter Brown co-starred in a hit 1950s-60s television series, Lawman, about a U.S. town marshall (that’s John) mentoring his younger deputy (that’s Peter). The show was pretty successful and, in fact, spawned a lot of merchandise such as, according to wikipedia, “lunchboxes, puzzles, boots, arcade cards, sheet music, action figures, toy rifles, and cap pistols.

Hah and we thought this merchandise tie-ins only happened in recent blockbuster movies. Interestingly, cowboy hats is not included in the list because that would have been pretty cool if they sold “Lawman” cowboy hats.

Want more men’s hats? Check out Colin Farrell’s homburg hat, Adam Lambert’s top hat, Jackie Chan’s leather hat, and these celebrity newsboy hats. Or you can just click this men’s hats link to see them all.

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