Corsets for Men: Historical Corsets and Modern Versions

Corsets For Men Update. We are updating this post to add these two reviews by readers who used corsets for men. Here’s what they are saying about their experiences using slimming corsets:

William: Corsets have been around for many years for both men and women. Who says a man can not look good, or even feel good to himself. I sure do. I agree, you feel much better in one, it is a great feeling. What is better, it is the best way to loose weight, actual weight. I wear my extremely tight but not in the chest which can be dangerous to the heart. It compresses the gut down, so there is less space of course. Just have a glass of beer, and you feel like you had 2 bottles. Have few bites of food, and you are full. When I need to drop weight in an emergency type effort, few days I can drop 4 or more pounds. Besides making you look great, feel great, it is very good for weight lost, believe me, it Works.

Smart: I think we should make it more known that men also wear corsets. I do so on a regular basis and am very comfortable with it. I would not want to miss this opportunity and when speaking to other men most of the time they regret that due to formalism they can not even try. Its a shame that in this world we can not stay 100% male when wearing corsets or skirts.

Men Wearing Corsets (11 June 2017). Of course, men wearing girly corsets isn’t just a modern invention. The practice dates back to the age of Methuselah or whenever corsets were invented. In fact, here’s a story by American cartoonist Gene Bilbrew, A Male Turns Female, about a hunk of a man whose cross-dressing adventures are aided with the use of your dependable corset.

corsets for men user reviews

Meanwhile, here’s a print advertisement from two centuries ago, 1899 to be exact, featuring Madame Dowding corsets for both men and women. Obviously back then, a small waist was the desired male physique — it’s the late 1800s equivalent of today’s six-pack washboard ab muscles.

military corsets for men

Let’s have a closer look at some this Gentleman’s Corsets.

gentlemans corsets

Just like today, corsets for men were also used by the past generations of men to hide their bulging midsections. Here’s another advertisement in the form of a comic/cartoon strip about the wonderful and amazing benefits of men’s corsets.

If we believe the story, young kids back then get bullied if their dads do not stay in shape. How do you solve the problem? Why? Buy yourself a Superform which will be delivered to your doorstep by mail. Let’s have a closer look at the strips, shall we?

For just two dollars, you can have the bestest midsection in all the land.

corsets for men superform

Girls will notice your form and your wife will be proud of ya. Hehe.

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Modern Version of Corsets for Men. In ending this post, let’s have some modern version of corsets for men. What do you think of this Esbelt Slimming Corset?

esbelt slimming corset - modern corsets for men

Here’s one for the Goth guys and Goth dudes among us.

modern corsets for men

And here’s a leather one for those of you who are into leather corsets for men.

leather corsets for men

Corsets for Men: Hunky Dude Wears a Corset (8 November 2009). If women can wear menswear. If the cross-dressing Alex Reid and other MMA fighters can dress up as women. If Jack Tweed can wear women’s panties and bras. Then why can’t men wear corsets designed for women?

Apparently they can. Just ask this guy who loves him his women’s corsets.

corsets for men reviews 2017

Now here’s the question for you girl-Famewatchers: Did this guy’s hunkiness drop by 50% because he’s wearing a girly corset? Or do you find him hotter now by 50% more?

Corsets For Men: Alex Reid Loves Corsets. Posted 8 November 2009. Last updated: July 16, 2022 at 2:13 am.