Corbin Bleu Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

Corbin Bleu Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos. We are updating this post to bring you more shirtless photos of Corbin Bleu who, apparently, is now in his thirties. Oh boy, time sure moves fast doesn’t it? It wasn’t long ago when he was kind of a Disney kid via High School Musical but he is very much an adult now.

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corbin bleu shirtless

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Oh, we are also adding more photos of him when he tied the knot with wife Sasha Clements just because.

corbin bleu wedding photos

corbin bleu wedding

corbin bleu wedding2

Corbin Bleu Gay or Straight? (29 July 2016). We are updating this post to answer one of our visitors most googled questions: Is Corbin Bleu gay or straight? Well, he is straight. And, last week, he tied the knot with now-wife Sasha Clements. Here’s a pic of the happy couple during their wedding day (via People Magazine).

corbin bleu gay - wedding

Like Corbin, Sasha is also in the entertainment biz as an actress. She is from Toronto, Canada. She has 11 acting credits to date according to IMDB the most prominent of which would be as Kiki Kincaid on the TV series, Majority Rules.

Corbin Bleu Underwear Preference: Boxers of Briefs? Seems like Corbin is more of a boxers guy rather than a briefs dude. Check him out wearing classic white boxer shorts in this Broadway photo.

corbin bleu underwear

Is he also wearing boxer shorts underwear when he got doused on Ellen a few years back? We ask because we are divided here on Famewatcher. Deena says he wore boxer shorts because she remembers the day it happened on TV. However, if you look closer at the photo below, it actually looks like he’s wearing swim shorts rather than boxer shorts. Right? So, what do you think, fellow Famewatcher? Is Corbin Bleu wearing a pair or pink boxer shorts underwear or is he wearing swim shorts?

corbin bleu boxers or briefs

Want some pink underwear for men?

Corbin Bleu: Shirtless Beach Photos + A Beautiful Life (21 August 2009). With Zac Efron looking like he’s going to be stuck in the twink category forever, we’re betting that the only Disney star of this generation who can graduate to become a hunk is this dude, Corbin Bleu. Corbin, as we mentioned in an earlier post on Ben Hollingsworth, is going to co-star in The Beautiful Life, a show about models living the lives of models. Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher, who co-produce the show, might make some cameos.


Corbin goes shirtless at the beach!


Who’s your friend, Corbin?

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