Colombian Mens Underwear: Gigo Patriotic Briefs and Boxers

Colombian Mens Underwear: Gigo Patriotic Briefs and Boxers. Ha. Who says its only Americans who are into underwear patriotism? Seems like them Canadians are into that kind of thing too. How would you react if, when the time comes for you to bump uglies for the first time ever, the guy you’ve been dating drops his trousers or skinny jeans and, tadaa, he’s wearing a patriotic underwear and standing up for the flag.

canadian flag underwear

Would this be a turn on or a turn off for you? It would be a turn on if the guy is Canadian and, because there’s too much jingoism in the US of A, a turn off if he’s American. Now, is there a thermal underwear version of this patriotic Canadian undies? There should be one if there’s none, no?

UPDATE, 28 May 2011: Haha, how clueless are we? We thought Gigo’s Underwear is a Canadian brand but it’s actually from Colombia. We should give props to the people behind this brand as well as their designer because Gigo produces one of the sexiest men’s underwear out there. We particularly love their use of colors in their underwear collection.

You don’t believe us about the hotness of Gigo Underwear? Well, doubting Thomas, check out this pink contour briefs on male model. If this is not sexy and hot, we don’t know what is.

colombian mens underwear

Plaid square trunk underwear? What’s not to like? If this is not awesome, we don’t know what is? Okay, maybe this model is a bit scary (smile, honey, smile!) and his bulge does not look natural at all but we love love love his plaid underpants.

gigo mens underwear

Rei, our Japanese friend who loves football will surely love this underwear. We’re pretty sure he’ll agree that Gigo has the least boring underwear designs in the whole wide world.

colombian mens underwear

Want some dalmatian-spotted boxer briefs?

gigo mens underwear

Or maybe you’d rather show off your gifted package with this pouch underwear?

But let’s go back to our original topic of underwear patriotism with these undies for the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and the United Kingdom (or maybe that’s Australia or New Zealand).

brazil flag underwear

american flag underwear

gigo argentina underwear

british flag underwear

Which of these patriotic underwear is the best of them all design-wise?

Colombian Mens Underwear: Gigo Patriotic Briefs and Boxers. Posted 28 May 2011.