College Speedo Men: University Boys Rock Their Speedo Swimsuits

College Speedo Men. This list is for those of you who are fans of college guys who rock the swimming pool. We gotta come clean and admit however that the list is inspired by our college beau who was the captain of our university swimming team. We broke up, as it happens, for reasons too personal to share. But we did enjoy the time we shared. More importantly, we have remained friends on Facebook (and outside of it). He is now one of the top real estate guys in Arizona.

But let’s check out these college Speedo men who rock in the swimming pool or, in one case, the diving board.

Simon Burnett attended the University of Arizona but he is, actually, a Brit. During his college swimming days, he won several NCAA gold medals and currently holds an NCAA swimming record. Simon represented the UK in the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games and has bagged two gold medals from the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

college speedo men - simon burnett2

Prince William (University of St. Andrews). By now, you should already know that the Future King of The United Kingdom was a member of his university water polo varsity team. He attended the University of St. Andrews and graduated with a degree in geography. Pretty cool collegiate achievements for a future monarch, eh? [Related: Prince William Speedo.]

college speedo men prince william

Tim Perry. A few years ago, this college Speedo guy became internet-famous when he published photos and videos of him roaming the campus of the University of Hawaii (Manoa) wearing nothing but a pair of Speedos. As may be expected, he scandalized the academic world. However, internetizens who love them their Speedos rejoiced and praised Tim’s daring exploits. We’re not sure if he finished his university degree. Last we heard, he stars in adult videos under the name Corbett Harper.

college speedo jocks - corbett harper - university of hawaii

Joona Puhakka. Joona is a diver from Finland who studied at the Arizona State University. He graduated from the school with a degree in marketing. Joona represented Finland in international diving competitions and has brought home a bronze medal from the 2003 World Championships. In addition, he has two gold medals from the European Championships.

college speedo jocks - Joona Puhakka - arizona state u and finland diver

Ryan Lochte, University of Florida. As may be expected, Ryan makes our list of college Speedo men. In fact, a list on Speedos and college students that does not include this party boy is no list at all. Before he became a multiple Olympic gold medalist, Ryan studied and trained in the University of Florida. He graduated in 2007 with a degree in sports management.

ryan lochte sexy speedo

Stanford University Swimming Team. Awww! It’s raining Speedo men! Did any of these guys go on to become a world champion like Ryan Lochte? If you are from Stanford University and happen to know these guys and what they went on to accomplish in the world of swimming, do tell in the comments.

college speedo jocks - stanford university swim team

Vintage College Speedo Guy. Finally, let’s end this post with this vintage photo of a college diver taken during a diving competition back in the 1960s. We grabbed the image from flickr. If you happen to know the identity of this guy, do tell in the comments so we can ID him properly.

college speedo boys - Vintage Photo 1960s College Athlete - Speedo Dive Board

So, that’s it for now fellow Famewatchers. In conclusion, if you have some college Speedo men in mind who should be added here, please do mention them in the comments.

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