College Guy in Speedo: Corbett Harper – University of Hawaii Manoa

College Guy in Speedo: Corbett Harper – University of Hawaii Manoa. Because our good friend Deena is looking for new awesome photos of college guys in Lyra Speedo, we decided to blog about this college student in Hawaii who created quite a stir in his university — the University of Hawai’i-Manoa — by taking school photos of himself dressed only in his Speedos.

college guy in speedo university of manoa hawaii

We gotta give him props for having the guts to do something which we only dream about.

college guy in speedo

college guy in speedo corbett harper

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college guy in speedo corbett harper university of hawaii

Anyhoo, let’s have Tim tell us more about why he’s so into Speedos (via B*tt Magazine).

Pauline: Please tell us more about yourself, Speedo Student.
Tim: I’m in my fourth year of college where I major in history. I specialize in military and European history; my research focuses on the creation of the modern army and its distinctive philosophy, especially concerning the military training methods. Aside from school, I like reading detective stories, classical music and opera, horseback riding, flying, and a bunch of other things. I was born in Hawaii on the island of Maui, but I only came back here to finish up school about a year ago. I have mixed feelings about Hawaii. I do enjoy the weather here, but I don’t like the congestion, laziness, and bigotry.

Clarisse : When did your passion for speedos start?
I guess at the beginning of my second year of college. I’d wanted to try some speedos for a while, thinking about how skimpy and tight they would be, and I just went down to the local sporting goods store and bought my first pair, a blue Tyr suit. I loved them. That was also about the time I started tanning and shaving to complete the swimmer look, since I’d always found swimmers and their speedos very attractive.

Do you wear speedos everyday?
Not quite. They can rub a little if I’m doing a lot of walking, so I may swap them out for briefs or a jock during the day. For play and the beach, though…

Guy in White Speedo Swimsuit: Corbett Harper aka College Boy Tim
12 February 2011

guys in white speedo

If you are like our friend Deena, you would like to see more guys in Speedo swimsuits. Consider your wish fulfilled with these photos of the controversial college guy in Speedo aka Tim of University of Hawaii-Manoa wearing his white Speedo.

By the way we heard that Tim, a history major, left college and is now performing in adult-oriented movies under the name, Corbett Harper. We don’t know if his career choice cool or what but we think he should have picked a better-sounding name.

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