College Girls Underwear Run: University of Arizona

College Girls Underwear Run. Apparently, the University of Arizona students aren’t the only ones doing their college girls underwear run. So we decided to update this post, which we wrote back in 2009, to include these photos from other colleges and universities.

First up, here’s a photo from the Chapman University Undies Run in 2012. Photo courtesy of Kevin Warn.

college girls underwear run - chapman university

Another pic from Chapman U Undies Run.

college girls underwear - chapman university2

Next in our list, check out these coeds from the University of Oregon. The girl on the left, for some reason, reminds us of Cass McQuillen aka Chaos Kass of Survivor Cagayan. Did she, by any chance, go to U of Oregon?

college girls underwear - university of oregon2-3

Now, let’s check out these college girls from the UCLA underwear run in 2015.

college girls underwear run - ucla 2015

The participants to this year’s UCLA event must have overdone their partying because the police made some arrests.

college girls underwear run - ucla 2016

If we’re ever arrested in our underwear, we will not get tired telling it to our future grandchildren. We’d consider it a a badge of honor.

Finally, here’s the last pic in this update on college girls underwear runs. This one’s from Colorado State University.

college girls underwear run - colorado state university 2006-3

So do you have a favorite group of college girls running in their undies? Ours would still be the ladies from University of Arizona. You know, the ones we first blogged about below. We like that they sort of agreed to wear polka-dotted pink undies.


College Girls Underwear Run: U of Arizona.
12 November 2009

College girls running in their underwear? What’s not to like? Well, if you are a dude, you will surely surely like these University of Arizona college girls. Why, you ask? Because they decided to celebrate their homecoming week by running in their teeny weeny pink polka dot bikini.

college girls underwear university of arizona

Maybe these college girls would like to team up with these Brazilian guys and gals who also love walking/running around in their underwear?

Photo source: Busted Coverage.