College Boys Underwear: University Underwear Run Edition

Now, we went looking for a similar college boys underwear run in the U.K. but we did not find any. Maybe it is not yet a thing in the British Isles? But we did come across these photos of students from Imperial College London having fun in their underwear.

college boys underwear - imperial college london

The above pic and the next one below are courtesy of the Daily Mail which insinuated that there’s something morally wrong with these students for partying in their undies.

college boys underwear party - imperial college london - 2013

Now, check out these guys from Northeastern University participating in their schools 2007 Undies Run. [Photo by Jason Bergman.] With his body hair and all, the guy with glasses reminds us of Darren Criss [see Darren Criss shirtless].

college boys underwear run - northeastern university 07 - pic by jason bergman

Finally, let us take a look at our second favorite photo, these guys from the University of Iowa. These guys bared their bodies for the Nearly Nekkid Mile Run in 2013.

college boys underwear - university of iowa - nearly naked mile 2013 run-2

So which of the above college boys underwear run photos is your favorite?