College Basketball Shorts: The Best, The Hottest, The Iconic

College Basketball Shorts: The Best, The Hottest, The Iconic. Famewatchers, we present to you our list of the best, the hottest, and the “newsworthiest” college basketball shorts. For this list, we looked not only at the current 2015-2016 college basketball season but from previous school years as well. We begin our list with the best college basketball shorts (design-wise).

Best College Basketball Shorts Ever: Georgetown Hoyas (95-96)? made their list of the greatest college basketball uniforms of all time and picked Georgetown University Hoyas uniform during the 95-96 season as the best ever? Do you agree with them? Here’s future Hall of Famer Allen Iverson chillin’ in his Hoyas basketball uniform.

best college basketball shorts - allen iverson - hoyas - georgetown university

Newsworthy College Basketball Shorts: Some college basketball shorts have made headlines recently for various reasons. For instance, Dayton University’s Dyshawn Pierre and his basketball shorts made headlines when he was accidentally pantsed by a teammate during a game.

college basketball shorts - dyshawn pierre - dayton university5

Also headline-grabbing is Chris Obekpa’s decision to tuck up his longish basketball shorts. The New York Daily News tells us why:

Obekpa doesn’t like the standard issue loner shorts that hang to below the knees, so he tucks the bottoms up under the spandex padded bike shorts he wears underneath them.

The effect is that the shorts hang to mid-thigh, reminiscent of the uniforms players wore in the 1980s. But it also looks a little puffy, like a diaper, as one fan at the Garden noted by calling out “diaper dandy” over and over again.

“I’don’t care if I look cute. I’m not in the game to look cute,” Obekpa said. “I’m in it to get a win.”

Obekpa said that when he perspires the moisture collects at the bottoms of the shorts and makes them heavy and cumbersome when he is running.

“This way is more comfortable,” he said. “I started it in the summer… I’m taking it back old school.”

college basketball shorts - st johns university - chris obekpa6

UnderArmour learned of Chris’s preference for old school-style shorts and decided to make one specifically for the St. Johns cager.

Trendy College Basketball Fashion Style? “Waistband-rolling” of basketball shorts is apparently a thing now in college basketball. Check out these ball players who rolled their waistbands.

college basketball shorts - rolling waistband trend5

Hottest College Basketball Shorts: What’s the hottest college basketball shorts out there? Well, to us here at Famewatcher, it would be the one worn by the hottest college baller who went on to become a famous male model: Matthew Noszka of Point Park University.

hot college basketball shorts - Matthew Noszka - point park university

Speaking of former college basketball-players-turned-models, here’s Dave Dreas of St. Cloud State University who went on to become a fitness model.

college basketball shorts - dave dreas - st cloud state university modeling2

Who should follow the footsteps of Matthew and Dave if the NBA does not work out? Well, we think it should be Ron Baker. The Wichita State shooting guard has model good looks but his best selling point would be his fabulous and unique hair.

college basketball shorts - ron baker - wichita hunk

Geeky College Basketball Shorts. If there’s an award for the geekiest basketball shorts, it should go to Braeden Anderson who plays for Seton Hall University. He is also a student at the Seton Hall School of Law.

best college basketball shorts - seton hall - braeden anderson

Most Iconic College Basketball Shorts. Without a doubt, the most iconic college basketball shorts would be Michael Jordan’s University of North Carolina uniform? Why you ask? Because, according to Time Magazine, the greatest basketball player of all time “wore a pair of his UNC shorts under his longer, baggier Bulls shorts for all of his NBA games”.

college basketball shorts - michael jordan - unc

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