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Colin Donnell Shirtless and Underwear Photos Update. Apparently, after four seasons with Chicago Med, Colin’s character — Dr. Connor Rhodes — decided to leave Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. He was suspected of killing his father but was eventually proven to be innocent. He decided to start fresh somewhere else which is cool and all but that means the actor who plays him — our beloved Colin Donnell — was written off the show. Damn!

Anyhoo, here are more shirtless photos of our hirsute actor. He’s one of those guys who look great when he leaves his body hair unshaved, no?

Colin Donnell shirtless daddy

Colin Donnell hot zaddy

We grabbed these images from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @colindonnell.

Colin Donnell hot smoking body

Currently, the actor is the lead star in the TV series Irreverent where he plays a criminal from Chicago who is “forced to hide in a small Australian reef town posing as the new church Reverend”. In an episode, we get to see him in nothing but his boxer briefs underwear. Yay!

colin donnell underwear boxer briefs irreverent

colin donnell underwear from Irreverent S01E02 boxer briefs

colin donnell underwear from Irreverent S01E02

If you are intrigued by the premise of the show, go check it out in the Peacock streaming service.

Colin Donnell Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend (26 August 2015). Let’s add Colin Donnell to our list of hot doctors. Oh wait, actually he is not a real life doctor so he does not really belong to that list. But we can add him to our list of hot guys with hairy chests. Hehe.

colin donnell - dr connor bradshaw - chicago med

Hey, who wants to play basketball with Colin.

colin donnell hot - hairy chest2

The pic above is from the Gold As Ice show last January 2015. It was an event where Broadway actors stripped down to their undies with The Skivvies.

Colin Donnell Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Here’s our Colin performing on stage with The Skivvies’ Nick Clearly. Wait, is he wearing underwear or is that a jammer swimsuit? If the latter, we should include him to our list of Gorgeous Guys in Spandex, no?

Colin Donnell underwear - the skivvies

Colin Donell on Chicago Med. Colin will be playing the role of Dr. Connor Bradshaw, a pediatrician, in the third Chicago show on NBC — Chicago Med. The show is scheduled to air this coming November 2015. He talks about his new role in this interview with

What can you tell us about your new role on Chicago Med? I’m a doctor – an attending ER physician. I guess you could qualify me as a “blue collar” doctor. State school educated; a self-made kinda guy.

Does he have a good bedside manner? Yeah. He’s terrific. He’s very much like “get the job done.” Within the confines of the hospital, he’s in his element, and super great, and that’s what he does. Things at home may be a little bit different.

By the way, it might interest those of you who are just discovering Colin Donnell to know that he’s got some vocal chops to go with his acting talent. He gets asked about a possible singing career in this interview with David Mixner:

You are have such a sultry voice that seems to be made for a good blues album, do you hope to do solo recordings? What is personally your favorite music?

You know, it’s never really crossed my mind in a serious way to do recordings of my own. I have dabbled in a little bit of songwriting here and there but it’s more for my own bemusement than anything else, I prefer to leave that to my friends who are actually in successful rock bands.

Having said that, I have been talking to my good friend Lindsay Mendez, who I think is one of the most incredible vocalists in the Broadway community right now, about putting together an evening of standards. A kind of sexy evening; Mad Men meets Frank Sinatra meets Harry Connick Jr. maybe? After doing the Anything Goes Cast Album I have also had thoughts that maybe it’d be fun to do something like that in a recording, the only question being if anyone would listen except my mom!

Colin Donnell Gay or Straight? He is straight! And very much married. He just tied the knot with actress Patti Murin last June this year. Here’s one of their fabulous wedding pics:

colin donnell wife - Patti Murin - wedding photos

Although he is straight IRL, it would be fun to see him play a gay role, no? Fans are hoping he’d somehow hook up with Stephen Amell in an alternate Arrow universe but that ain’t gonna happen. Stephen and Colin are kinda bromantic with each other though.

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