Cody Longo Girlfriend and Shirtless Photos

Cody Longo Girlfriend and Shirtless Photos. Who is Hollywood Heights star Cody Longo dating in 2014? In the past he dated (or rumored to have dated) Cassandra Scerbo, Rachele Brooke Smith, and Cherie Daly. This year however, it looks like the apple of his eyes is a girl named Stephanie Nicole. Here’s a pic of Cody and Steph we grabbed from his instagram account (follow him at @codylongo).

cody longo girlfriend - Stephanie Nicole

And here’s what our actor says about his new girl (via instagram): “My #WCE .. @stephbabyxoxo You’re such a blessing in so many people’s lives, especially mine. Your light shines so bright, I am fascinated by your leadership, my girl. Thank you for being such an incredible soul..”

For those of you wondering, WCE means Woman Crush Eternity. How lucky is Steph to have someone crushing on her for all eternity, no?

Cody Longo Shirtless Photos. We came across this photo on the internets and went, “Whoa! Who is that handsome pretty boy and why are we ignorant of his existence?”

cody longo shirtless smoking hot

Turns out we were not aware of him because we didn’t watch Hollywood Heights where he played the lead character Eddie Duran. The show aired on Nick at Nite and TeenNick and we it because we really don’t watch teen programming. Cody also starred in the teen family drama Make It or Break It — about the lives of high school gymnasts — which, incidentally, also starred Joshua Bowman.

Cody Longo Underwear: Boxer Shorts. For us here at Famewatcher who love us some male celebrity underwear, Cody’s most important acting project to date would be the under-appreciated 2012 psychological thriller The Silent Thief where we see him in his boxer briefs.

cody longo boxers or briefs

Can you blame the guy for checking out Cody’s behind? We bet a hundred bucks you’d be doing it too if you happen to be in this room. Hehe.

cody longo underwear - boxer briefs - bum

Cody Longo Gay or Straight. We know he is straight because of his dating history but he did have a gay scene where he kissed a guy in The Silent Thief. Here’s a still photo from the movie.

cody longo gay kiss - silent thief2

You gotta give props to the younger actors out there who have no qualms portraying same sex relationships or encounters. Way to go, Cody! Way to go, millenials!

cody longo gay or straight3

Want more gay celebrity kisses?

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