Cody Kearsley Girlfriend, Shirtless Abs, Turbo Bro Jock

Cody Kearsley Girlfriend, Shirtless Abs, Turbo Bro Jock. Who is this selfie-taking hunk of a man with a body that can give them sculpted Greek gods a run for their money?

cody kearsley shirtless hot body

His name, fellow Famewatcher, is Cody Kearsley. He is an actor who will be appearing as Turbo Bro Jock in the upcoming post-apocalyptic TV series Daybreak which will soon be streaming on Netflix.

Deadline describes his role as “a fierce, handsome football player with a terrifyingly stoic manner, he has assembled all the athletic teen teams of Glendale into one, big, murderous crew, and he’s the team captain. When Josh and his tiny gang outsmart his peeps, decimating their ranks, Turbo is determined to track his adversaries down and do his worst.”

So he is a baddie on the show, huh? Baddies usually have the best lines so we are looking forward to Cody aka Turbo Bro Jock spouting some quotable quotes which may be nonsense but are cool to repeat.

You should be familiar with Cody if you are a fan of the show Riverdale on The CW where he played the role of Moose Mason who becomes the boyfriend of Kevin Keller (played by Casey Cott). Here’s the two lovebirds getting kissy kissy with each other.

Cody Kearsley gay kiss - riverdale

Apparently, white boxer shorts (and not them boxer briefs thingies) are very much a thing in Riverdale.

Cody Kearsley Casey Cott boxers underwear - riverdale

Unfortunately, Cody aka Moose Mason had to cut short his relationship with Kevin because he had to move to Glendale where he resurrected as the Turbo Bro Jock.

Will Cody’s new role be another gay hunk? If it is, we hope he hooks up with Austin Crute although they are apparently in groups that are at odds with each other.

Cody Kearsley Workout. Wondering how Cody prepared for his role as Turbo Bro Jock? By working out, of course. Here’s our hottie posing with personal trainer slash Crossfit coach Alex Turner in a Vancouver gym.

cody kearsley shirtless - washboard abs - gym workout

For those who are wondering, Cody is originally from Canada. In particular, he comes from the town of Oliver, British Columbia which is apparently known for grape and fruit production, agri-tourism, wine production, and ranching.

He graduated from Southern Okanagan Secondary School in 2009. He was involved in the school’s athletic stuff (which makes him a jock in our book) but was also active in the school’s theater program (which makes him a nerd). Here’s Cody with Robyn Lee who played Sandy in Grease. Cody, of course, played the role of the leather jacket-clad Danny Zuko.

cody kearsley girlfriend - robyn lee played Sandy in Grease

Cody Kearsley Girlfriend or Dating Status. Seems like he is single at the moment but we will update this post if we learn more about his relationship status.

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