Cody Christian Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend? Theo on Teen Wolf

Cody Christian Shirtless. Aside from Michael Johnston, another newcomer in the Teen Wolf universe is 20-year-old cutie Cody Christian. MTV tells us more about Cody’s role: “Cody Christian — who has portrayed Aria’s younger bro Mike Montgomery on “Pretty Little Liars” and is also known for his roles on “Grey’s Anatomy” and “True Blood” — will be joining the hit series for its fifth season, MTV announced.”

More from MTV about Cody’s role: “The 19-year-old will be featured as senior Theo, a lone wolf who is drawn to the spooky California town in search of a pack. He’s described as athletic and charming yet covert, and while it may appear that the young adult is new to town, his past might suggest otherwise.”

Are you excited about seeing Cody as a lone wolf? We sure are, especially if he’s gonna give that Taylor Lautner guy a run for his “shirtless wolf” money. Hehe.

cody christian hot body

Anyhoo, here are some Cody Christian shirtless photos we grabbed from his Instagram account (@codychristian). Damn, ain’t he cute?

cody christian gay or straight

He’s modeling Anthony Franco menswear.

cody christian modeling anthony franco

He sure looks good in tank top shirts, no? Here’s what he says about these sexy pics: “Bout time we got some new head shots on deck. Did some growing up for sure.”

cody christian muscle shirt

Working out!

cody christian shirtless workout

In the fitting room of Pretty Little Liars.

cody christian shirtless

With his mom. Pic apparently taken after he completed a 5 km marathon. From his Instagram: “Finished the 5k with my beautiful yet unbreakable mother. She’s fought so many battles in her life and I couldn’t love her more. So happy to be able finish strong by her side.”

cody christian teen wolf - body

Another workout pic. He sure is serious about keeping himself fit and sculptured, no?

cody christian workout - shirtless - pretty little liars

Incidentally, we just found out that we actually blogged about Cody last year in our post on shirtless teen actors. Go check it out.

Cody Christian Gay or Straight? He is “quite straight” according to the voters of “According to 301 visitors Cody Christian is 68% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Cody Christian is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

It is likely that he is gay-supportive considering that he starred in a short LGBT movie, Corndog of Tolerance, described as an “ode for accepting people for who and what they are” which made the rounds of the LGBT film festivals. [source: Everyday Heterosexism.]

Cody Christian Girlfriend or Relationship Status? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Does he have a girlfriend? He stated in a 2013 interview with Hollywood Life that he has a girlfriend. Unfortunately he didn’t name the lucky girl. We don’t know whether he is dating anyone at the moment.

2020 Update. Updating this post to note that Cody appears to be single at the moment but he did date the following girls in the previous years: Talia Maxine and Alex Swift who are both actresses. First, here Cody and Talia:

cody christian girlfriend talia maxine

And, Cody and Alex:

cody christian girlfriend alex swift

Of course, it would not be a complete update if we don’t bring you some shirtless photos of our Cody.

cody christian body abs

Our man’s got some sculpted abs now!

cody christian shirtless

For those of you looking for some underwear pics, here’s our guy in a pair of boxer shorts!

cody christian boxer shorts underwear

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