Clothes For Big Men: Kevin Federline in Cargo Pants


The big version of Kevin Federline continues to give us tips on fashion for big men. Okay, the tip is this: if you are a huge man who’d like to look fashionable, don’t ever ever copy whatever the ex-Mrs. Britney Spears is wearing. However, if you are a huge dude who’d like to be comfortable, well, you can take your cue from Kevin and follow his clothing choices.

Why do we say this? Well, because Kevin’s get-up makes us cringe but he almost always looks happy when he’s photographed by the paparazzi. Okay, maybe he does not look happy in the above pic but he’s really, really happy here.

Anyhoo, we think Kevin has decided to junk being fashionable for being comfortable. Not that its an either/or proposition but if we have to chose, we will also pick comfort over fashion.