Classic Mens Underwear: White Briefs and Boxers in Hollywood TV Series

Classic Mens Underwear: White Briefs and Boxers in Hollywood TV Series. Those of you who are fans of classic mens underwear looks might want to check out the Ryan Murphy series Hollywood which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Because it is a story about Hollywood, you’d get to see actors chucking off clothes down to their undies and because the show is set in immediately post-World War II, the undies they’re wearing is similar to what men wear at that time which is white briefs and white boxer shorts.

First, here’s David Corenswet as up-and-coming actor Jack Castello hustling in a pair of white briefs.

jack castello underwear - david corensweet - hollywood

Rock Hudson with boyfriend Archie Coleman.

jake picking underwear as rock hudson - hollywood netflix

Rock in white boxer shorts and Archie in PJs and white athletic shirt.

jake picking underwear boxer shorts

Jim Parsons as agent Henry Willson in boxer shorts. Jim is scary good in this series. We won’t be surprised if he’s nominated for a Golden Globes or an Emmy.

jim parsons shirtless hollywood2

On the show, Henry introduced the guys below as Rory Calhoun and Tank Meyers. Rory is played by actor Samuel Walker. We are still trying to ID the actor who play Tank.

classic mens underwear white briefs hot guys of hollywood

Want more men in white briefs?

classic mens underwear - rory calhoun played by samuel walker and tank meyers

The above images are, of course, just a representation of outfits worn during the post-war era. The next images below are of actors from the era itself wearing what we would now consider as classic mens underwear or swimwear. First, here’s John Bromfield in the movie Revenge of the Creature.

classic mens underwear - john bromfield in revenge of the creature

John with Tab Hunter.

classic mens underwear - john bromfield with tab hunter

Next, here’s B-List actor turned U.S. President Ronald Reagan posing in his briefs underwear in what appears to be a modeling class or one where they are studying his physique. Or maybe it is a movie? [Update: He is reportedly modeling for a sculpture.]

classic mens underwear - ronald reagan high waist

Finally, here’s Rock Hudson in white short shorts which kinda look very similar to the one Jim Parsons is wearing above.

rock hudson underwear classic white boxer shrots

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