Chuck Wicks Shirtless, Ironman Hunk, and Wedding Photos

Chuck Wicks Wedding, Leather Jacket, and More Ironman Photos. Did you know that Chuck tied the knot back in July 2019 with now-wife Kasi Williams? We should have known this back when we last updated this post in December 2019 but we were more interested in our imaginary beau’s shirtless pics so we failed to mention it. Anyhoo, better late than never as they say so here are some photos from their wedding which we grabbed from People Magazine:

chuck wicks wedding to kasi williams

chuck wicks wedding to kasi williams2

What a good looking couple, no? Now, one of the under-appreciated things about the singer is that he competed in Ironman triathlon which only a handful of famous celebrities do. We included a photo of him participating in the race but here are more photos:

chuck wicks ironman

chuck wicks ironman2

chuck wicks ironman3

Some pics of Chuck looking cool in leather jacket and jeans combo.

chuck wicks leather jacket

chuck wicks leather jacket2

And a shirtless pics for the thirsty Famewatchers among us. Just a friendly reminder that the guy is married so you should dial down your thirstiness. Haha.

chuck wicks shirtless

Chuck Wicks Shirtless, Girlfriend or Gay, Engaged, Married? (11 December 2019). We are updating this post to bring you some Chuck Wicks shirtless photos. Here’s one we grabbed from his Instagram acccount (follow him @chuckwicks).

chuck wicks shirtless - instagram at chuckwicks

Not a shirtless photo but wet shirt pics like this are hot and intriguing.

chuck wicks shirtless - or not

Chuck Wicks open shirt hotness. Want some shirtless country singers?

chuck wicks shirtless - open shirt

Let us include chuck to our list of celebrity Ironman hunks.

chuck wicks ironman

Chuck Wicks Girlfriend, Engaged, or Married? He dated DWTS partner Julianne Hough but they eventually broke up. In 2013, 99 Kiss Country, reported that Chuck is engaged to a girl named Britanny.

The source quoted Chuck as saying: “Yes, I am engaged. We’re really private about it. We’re very happy and very much in love and have a great time. She’s busy finishing her residency in pediatrics. When she’s done with that she’ll move to Tennessee. She’s still in Texas. We don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like to.”

Chuck Wicks Gay or Straight? He is straight but he ain’t above doing kinda things like dancing in tights which some would say is kinda a ghey thing.

chuck wicks gay - dancing in tights2

Chuck Wicks Shirtless. Ever since we blogged about country singer Chuck Wicks and his upcoming participation in the TV hit Dancing With the Stars, a lot of you have visited us by googling “Chuck Wicks shirtless”, or “Chuck Wicks hot” and that kind of stuff.

Sorry to disappoint you. We scoured the internets but these are the only ones we’ve found. Anyways, do we have to see Chuck without his shirt on before we say, “OMG. Whattahunk. I’m going to melt just by looking at him. I want to bring him home to mom.” We don’t have to, right? Right!

chuck wicks hot

So let’s ogle Chuck’s hot and hunky pics although be it with his shirts on. And if you really, really want to see him shirtless, we suggest that you petition the Dancing With the Stars producers to make “shirtless dancing” mandatory among their male celebrity dancers.

Dancing Partners: Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough (22 February 2009). Dreamboat Chuck Wicks and his dance partner Julianne Hough. We love us our Chuck Wicks. And we’re sure you love you your Chuck Wicks especially you who are looking for his shirtless photos. Anyways, lets hope that this partnership will go long in Dancing With the Stars. Go, Chuck!

chuck wicks dwts

Chuck Wicks DWTS Profile (09 February 2009). Hmmm, this is one gorgeous country singer. We hope he does well in Dancing With the Stars.

chuck wicks young

BACKGROUND: A gifted songwriter and vocalist, Chuck Wicks made a compelling impression with his Top 5 smash, Stealing Cinderella, the fastest-rising single by a debut country act in 2007. By the time his first album, Starting Now (RCA Nashville), was released in January 2008, he had begun a year-long 750,000 fan-packed tour opening for superstar Brad Paisley. Chuck Wicks co-penned 10 of the 11 songs on his debut CD, including his 2nd hit, All I Ever Wanted, and the new single, Man of the House, a touching story-song about a boy taking on beyond-his-years responsibilities as his father is on military assignment. For more information, please go to:

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