Christopher Russell Shirtless Daddy, Young Model, Wife

Christopher Russell Shirtless Daddy, Young Model, Wife, and Family. If there’s ever a contest on who has the best celebrity washboard abs, we are going to nominate hot Canadian daddy Christopher Russell and his impeccably sculpted sixpack. We’re pretty sure lots of Hollywood directors will agree with us too because they keep featuring his chiseled body in whatever movie or TV show he stars in. For instance, here’s Christopher and his abs in the 2018 TV-movie Forever Christmas.

Christopher Russell abs in mr 365

And here’s the actor and his sixpack in an episode of the TV series Van Helsing:

Christopher Russell body in van helsing

His washboard also co-stars in this scene from an episode of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce:

Christopher Russell loincloth girlfriends guide to divorce

Chris and his abs chilling in the pool when he guested on the comedy drama BH90210 which parodies the original Beverley Hills 90210. Oh, BH90210 stars the original cast of Beverley Hills too.

Christopher Russell Shirtless in beverly hills 90210

A shirtless Christopher works out with fellow hunk Adam Demos on the acclaimed TV show Unreal:

Christopher Russell workout with adam demos - unreal

Wouldn’t you like your husband to bring your breakfast in bed as the actor does in this scene of the TV-movie Newlywed and Dead?

Christopher Russell Shirtless in newlywed and dead

His abs is partly hidden in this scene from Lost Girl but there is no hiding the hunkiness of this man.

Christopher Russell body in lost girl

And here’s a smiling Christopher in this screencap from the Hallmark movie Love in the Vineyard.

Christopher Russell body in Love In The Vineyard

Those of you looking for underwear photos of the actor will have to make to with this peekabo look from this pic we grabbed from his Instagram account (follow him @chrisrussellofficial):

Christopher Russell underwear peekabo

Should we include him in our list of Hollywood Zaddies? He’s got the hot zaddy look but our friend Kevin insists that Christopher, at only 38 years old, is still kind of young to be a zaddy. What do you thing? For Kevin, a zaddy should at least be 45 years old.

Christopher Russell hot daddy

Christopher Russell Gay or Straight? He is straight and married and a dad for two kids. Here’s a photo of the actor with his wife.

Christopher Russell wife

Onscreen, the actor played an LGBT character on the TV show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency which, sadly, was not renewed for a third season. Here’s Chris as Panto Trost getting intimate with co-star Lee Majdoub who played his lover Silas Dengdamor.

Christopher Russell gay kiss with Lee Majdoub in dirk gently

Christopher Russell Young Model. Some modeling photos of the actor when he was younger.

Christopher Russell young model

Christopher Russell young shirtless model

Christopher Russell young

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