Christopher Meloni Young, Shirtless, Wife, and LGBT Ally

Christopher Meloni Young, Then, and Now. We were browsing the internets and came across this photo of our imaginary beau on Entertainment Weekly. Initially we were like, “Is that really Chris?” Turns out its really him! It’s a photoshoot he did for the September 2021 issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

chris meloni workout now - mens health magazine

Damn, we didn’t know he can split like that! He’s now 60 years old but he sure is in much better shape than all your Famewatchers combined. Oh, and here’s Chris wearing what looks like a pair of briefs-style Speedo swimsuit! Yay! [Update: He is wearing an Emporio Armani swimtrunks according to Men’s Health.]

chris meloni speedo mens health magazine

The above photos prompted us to look up what the actor looks like when he was younger and, boy, does he have lots of hair back then!

chris meloni young - yearbook photos

chris meloni hair young

Did you know what he was a football quarterback in high school? In fact, according to wikipedia, he is in his school’s athletic Hall of Fame “as a member of the undefeated 1978 football team, for which he was quarterback”. Here’s Chris doing his quarterbacking thing for St. Stephen’s School.

chris meloni young - st stephens high school quarterback

chris meloni young

You think we’ll do an update and not include some shirtless pics? Of course not!

chris meloni shirtless

chris meloni shirtless shower

Christopher Meloni Underwear, Shirtless, Gay, Girlfriend (16 February 2017). Did you know that Christopher Meloni was a construction worker before he made it big in the industry? He’s a real construction worker too not like those male models who wear hard hats and coveralls and pretend that they are real construction workers. Nope, our Christopher was a real deal construction worker which gives him something in common with the other Male Celebrity Construction Workers we mentioned in an earlier post. Now he is a big star in Hollywood who is among the highest paid actors on television.

chris meloni suit and tie

Is Christopher Meloni Gay? He is straight but he is one of the early and most prominent LGBT allies in the entertainment biz. He is an icon to the gheys too and this is mostly due to his role in the prison drama Oz where he plays a bis*xual inmate who falls in love with another inmate played by Lee Tergesen.

In our original post, we posted photos of the two making out and doing stuff that lovers do but we are going for a General audience rating here in Famewatcher so we replaced it with these ones, still intimate but it won’t scandalize our Grandma Akita:

christopher meloni gay with lee tergesen oz

christopher meloni gay with lee tergesen oz2

Oh, the next one is actually from SVU when Lee guested in Chris’ NBC show.

christopher meloni lee tergesen in svu

Christopher Meloni Wife. Yes he is married to wife Doris Sherman Williams. They tied the knot way back in 1989 and are the proud parents of two children. Here’s a photo from their wedding which the actor posted on Istagram (follow him @chris_meloni):

chris meloni wedding to wife doris sherman

And here’s a more recent photo of the happy couple!

chris meloni wife doris sherman

Christopher Meloni Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Now, we know that some of you Famewatchers, particularly the “does he wear briefs or boxers” community, are less interested in the actor’s relationship status and are more into his underwear of choice. Do not fret because we have not forgotten about you. Look who’s posing in his boxer briefs like some America’s Next Top Model contestant?

chris meloni underwear - boxer briefs photo

And here’s Chris in a pair of boxer shorts which, if we are not mistaken, is from an episode of his short-lived sitcom Surviving Jack.

chris meloni underwear boxer shorts in surviving jack2

chris meloni underwear boxer shorts in surviving jack

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