Christian Bale Leather Jacket: Belstaff Blouson Leather

Christian Bale Leather Jacket: Dark Knight – Belstaff Blouson Leather. Christian Bale and his Belstaff Blouson leather jacket in his blockbuster of a movie, The Dark Knight. Can you believe this movie made one billion US dollars worldwide? There was no doubt it was gonna be a blockbuster because it’s a superhero franchise and all but that’s effin US$1 billion, man!

christian bale leather jacket dark knight belstaff blouson

Oh, you’d rather talk about celebrities wearing Belstaff leather jackets? Okay, check out the following: Jason Statham in The Expendables, Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd, Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds, and our imaginary husband James Marsden as Cyclops.

Oh, Taylor Lautner should totally be cast as Bruce Wayne if the Batman franchise gets a reboot ten years from now.

Our good friend Kevin wondered about Bruce Wayne’s sunglasses and, being the OCD dude that he is, keeps going “Is that a RayBan? That must be a RayBan. Could you confirm if he’s wearing a RayBan?”

bruce wayne rayban sunglasses

Yeah, our friends can be annoying at times but they are our friends and we love them warts and all. Yes, Kevin. Your Bruce Wayne is wearing a RayBan. Specifically, he’s wearing a Ray-Ban RB 3324 sunglasses. Now stop obsessing about what movie characters are wearing, will ya?

Anyhoo, we have to show you this picture of Dark Knight co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal because she looks chic and fabulous for a change.

maggie gyllenhaal vest

We love the Gyllenhaals (especially that Jake dude) but we are not very fond of Maggie’s fashion style. Chances are she’s too busy being a mom so she doesn’t care if she looks frumpy in the paparazzi photos we’ve been seeing lately. But, as we were saying, maybe she’s too busy being a mom so let’s give her a pass shall we? But let’s publish the photo above to remind her that she can also look fabulous and fashionable.

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