Chris Williamson Love Island Speedo Hunk + Underwear Modeling Photos

Chris Williamson Love Island Speedo and Underwear Photos. Blessed be the heavens. It turns out that Joshua Ritchie isn’t the only Love Island hunk who loves him his Speedo swimsuit. Let’s add Chris Williamson to the list.

Check him out looking good in his briefs-style swimsuit.

chris williamson love island speedo swimsuit

Want to know more about him? We learn more from his ITV profile:

Age: 27
Occupation: Model and club promoter
Hometown: Newcastle
Celebrity crush: Rebecca Fox

Hotter than a Greggs sausage roll, Newcastle lad Chris is trading in the fog on the Tyne for sunshine and siestas on Love Island.

After a rather public (and televised) bad date, in which he attempted to swim away from his lady while deep sea fishing, this charming chap is after an Angel of the North to take home to mum. “I have quite high standards and Newcastle doesn’t always provide what I’m after. The girls here are highly amused and easily confused.”

So he’s a model. Does he have any noteworthy modeling photos we can see? Obviously, he does. Here are some Chris Williamson modeling pics we grabbed from his agency profiles:


He sure looks good in his skimpy Emporio Armani briefs underwear. [Want more male celebrities and models wearing Emporio Armani Underwear?]


Now, aside from modeling, our Chris is also a club promoter. What exactly does a club promoter do? Does he advertise or market clubs? We’re too lazy to go research, maybe you can tell us. Haha.

By the way, Chris is apparently friends with the cast members of another British reality TV show, Geordie Shore. Here’s Chris talking about his Geordie Shore connections (via

“If you’re this age and you’re in Newcastle, you know those guys. If you’ve partied a little bit, I suppose. Vicky Pattison knows I’m doing the show. She was very, very complimentary and very supportive. I’ve known her for ages and ages and ages.”

So has he learnt anything from the Geordie Shore guys since they’ve all had their own love lives on screen?

“Not really. Like I say, I haven’t got too much of an agenda. I just want to go in and be me and just chill out and enjoy it – just enjoy it for whatever it is and whatever comes of it comes of it.”

Oh, and has he ever been approached to go on Geordie Shore himself?

“We sort of talked about it really casually but no. It’s just not come up. I don’t really know what I would have said had it done.”

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. As in the case of Joshua Ritchie, we will update this post if Chris does something interesting on the Love Island.