Chris Steed Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos

Chris Steed Hair Transplant. If you have to choose, would you rather wear a wig or have a hair transplant? Wigs would be cool because you can play around with various looks. But there is no doubt that we’d rather have a hair transplant because we love to swim and there ain’t no way we’d be swimming and diving with a darn wig. It would be embarrassing.

Anyhoo, Gogglebox star Chris Steed also opted for a hair transplant and ditched the wigs he used to wear. Why? Because a lover almost ripped off his wig while they were doing the business. That’s way more embarrassing than losing your wig while diving, huh?

Here’s Chris talking about his hair issues (via Daily Mail): “I have suffered the devastating consequences of hair loss for the last 20 years. It was fun wearing the wigs for a time because they looked amazing but they are not a long-term solution. You damage your hair gluing them on and they can have embarrassing consequences and come off at the wrong times. I can remember one man almost getting the surprise of his life when it almost came off in his hand.”

So who did the Chris Steed hair transplant? Apparently, it’s the same doctor who did Calum Best. Says Chris: “I chose the surgeon Asim Shahmalak because he had done such an amazing job with Calum Best who is gorgeous and has wonderful hair.”

And what’s the result? Is he happy with his new ‘do? Apparently so: “The technology has improved so much that you cannot tell if a person has had anything done. I am a hairdresser and even I cannot tell unless I have known the client before the procedure.”

For those who are wondering, Chris reportedly spent £10,000 hair transplant for his crowning glory.

Chris Steed Hair Transplant Before and After Photos. Now, here are some images for the judgy HairWatchers among us who would like to judge Chris Steed’s looks before and after his hair surgery procedure.

chris steed hair transplant before and after photos

Here’s another one.

chris steed hair transplant before after - how much

It sure looks like the hair surgeon did a good job, no?

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