Chris Soules Dumped Fiancee – Shirtless Underwear Photos

Chris Soules Dumped His Fiancee. Oh my! The Bachelor starring Chris Soules has not started yet but he’s raised some hackles in BachelorLand after the show’s publicist came out with a press release that went like this:

The 32-year-old Midwestern bachelor and self-proclaimed romantic has been engaged once before. Heartbroken, Chris ended that seven-year relationship just months before he expected to walk down the aisle. Although his relationship with his fiancée was good, he didn’t want to settle for “good.” He wanted “great.”

This didn’t sit well with some denizens of who think that the guy ain’t no romantic for dumping a fiancee and then claiming he’s “heartbroken”. Sez “bullwinkle” in the site’s forum:

Seriously? Does anyone else have a problem with this guy stringing along a woman for 7 years only to break it off because he realized he didn’t want to settle for good? And they have the nerve to call him heartbroken over that?

To which forumer “mindless” adds the following:

It definitely gives me pause. If the relationship started when they were teenagers then it’s understandable, but they were engaged, so it wasn’t just dating. He made a commitment to her and then backed out just before the wedding. I can’t really blame her for that, since he promised to marry her. Not saying it wasn’t the right thing for everyone to call it off, if he wasn’t sure about it, but you’d think he would’ve been sure before he proposed. Oh well, who knows how it all went down. Just a bit weird to call him heartbroken when he was the one breaking it off.

We blame whoever wrote the press release for overselling its “product”. Seriously, whoever wrote the following should be fired:

The Handsome Farmer Has Been Besieged by Women Clamoring to Move to Iowa for Love

Ugh! Besieged by clamoring women? How pathetic are these ladies? Did the siege look like this?

chris soules - besieged by clamoring women

Concludes “atem” of

That whole press release was gag worthy! I hope he gets dumped.

Well, we’re not going there yet. Who knows, Chris might turn out to be a good guy. It ain’t his fault someone wrote a sophomoric press release for the show.

Want some Chris Soules shirtless photo? Here you go! We hope to see more shirtlessness from him when the show airs.

Chris Soules shirtless - bachelor - farm boy2

This is just …. SO GAY!

chris soules is so gay

Here’s a young Chris Soules from his high school year book.

chris soules young - high school yearbook2

Is he the world’s sexiest farmer? These Swiss farm hunks beg to disagree.

chris soules - worlds sexiest farmer

Chris Soules Fiancee Question: Do any of you know Chris’ dumped ex-fiancee? Some enterprising reporter should look her up and interview her. Maybe she will exonerate him for his perceived “sin”. But, then again, maybe she will give us a very unflattering picture of our farmer hunk.