Chris Hemsworth Leather Jackets: Armani and Louis Vuitton

Chris Hemsworth Leather Jackets and Pants. We know you want us to continue blogging about celebrity leather jackets as well as Aussie hottie Chris Hemsworth so we decided to do a two-in-one post by blogging about Chris rocking his leather jackets.

If that ain’t efficiency in blogging, we don’t know what is. Oh, and we throw in Chris wearing leather pants as well.

Anyhoo, let us start with Chris posing in his leather jacket for magazine photoshoots because we can ID the brand or the label of his outfits. For instance, here’s the Australian actor wearing a leather jacket by Giorgio Armani in this image from GQ Magazine.

chris hemsworth leather jacket by giorgio armani

Also from GQ Mag, here’s Chris in Louis Vuitton leather jacket.

chris hemsworth leather jacket by louis vuitton - gq magazine

chris hemsworth leather jacket by louis vuitton

Chris posing for Vanity Fair.

chris hemsworth leather jacket for vanity fair

And, on the pages of Foxtel Magazine which, from what we gathered, is an Aussie publication.

chris hemsworth leather jacket foxtel magazine au

Strolling the streets of New York in classic jeans and leather jacket ensemble.

chris hemsworth leather jacket and jeans new york

Awww. He looks so happy in the photo below.

chris hemsworth leather jacket winter

Why so serious, God of Thunder? Someone broke your hammer?

chris hemsworth leather jacket as thor

Now, let’s check out the Australian hunk in his leather pants, shall we? But first of all, do help us determine whether he is wearing leather pants in this photo?

chris hemsworth hot leather pants

Deena and yours truly argued for thirty minutes whether or not he is wearing leather pants. Deena think he’s not but I think he is. It certainly looks like leather. What’s your take?

There’s no debate though on whether he is in leather pants below because he most definitely is. The photo is from the 2012 movie Snow White and the Huntsman where he plays the huntsman opposite Kristine Stewart’s Snow White.

chris hemsworth leather pants in woodsman

chris hemsworth leather pants in woodsman2

Okay, that’s it for now. If you want to see more of our Aussie hottie, you should go check out our post on Chris Hemsworth Underwear. Wink, wink!

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