Chris Fountain Underwear, Shirtless, Chest Hair, Girlfriend

Chris Fountain Underwear, Shirtless, Chest Hair, Girlfriend. So, about a decade later, how’s our favorite chest-baring British actor doing these days? Well, apparently, he is stranded in Bali, Indonesia because of the corona virus which prompted lockdowns in every part of the world.

We’re tempted to say, “Poor guy” but we will not because we’re practically all in the same boat. At least he is stranded in a tropical paradise and not in stupid Texas where COVID-19 is surging because of the stupidity of their Republican officials.

Anyhoo, here’s a photo of Chris he posted on his Instagram looking hawt, hawt, hawt. Follow him @fountain1987.

chris fountain hot

He sure has the hottest celebrity chest hair in the world, no? We love that he is leaving them unshaved up to this day.

chris fountain shirtless hot body

Chris in his boxer briefs underwear in a photoshoot for Attitude Magazine.

chris fountain underwear briefs

Rocking his short shorts.

celebrity chest hair chris fountain

A younger Chris Fountain’s underwear peeks out from his pants to say hello.

chris fountain underwear by calvin klein

Chris Fountain Gay or Straight? You may think he’s a friend of Dorothy because of his propensity to pose nearly nekkid for LGBT magazines like Attitude but our Chris is actually straight (and so are a big majority of male models and celebrities who posed for Attitude Mag).

Okay, so does he have a girlfriend? He was in a long-term relationship with model Jessica Derrick but they must have called it quits because, according to the Daily Star, the actor “was seen looking for matches on dating site Bumble” last February 2019.

Chris Fountain vs Andy Scott Lee: Underwear Battle (29 November 2011). Let’s have this update for those of you who are looking for underwear photos of these two hot British dudes. First, here’s Andy Scott Lee and his red Christmas package. The only thing missing is a bow on top of that “gift”. Hehe. See more Y-Front Briefs Underwear for Men.

Okay, let’s now check out this underwear photo of Hollyoaks actor Chris Fountain doing a Beckham.

chris fountain boxers underwear - scarlet magazine

Chris Fountain in Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman Cancer Awareness Campaign (23 February 2009). Include Chris Fountain of Dancing on Ice and Hollyoaks in the list of men who stripped off their clothes for Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman campaign.

chris fountain cosmo everyman cancer awareness campaign

The campaign, as we noted earlier, seeks to build public awareness of testicular cancer.

chris fountain shirtless body cosmo everyman

Check out another dude who stripped for the cause: the hot and sizzling Danny Care.

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